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Va Myths And What It Is This Federal Agency Is Actually Charged To Do



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VA myths and what it is this federal agency is actually charged to do

with a wink and nod of our own government.

A series of editorials and letters sent to all the major newspapers in our nation. Will it do any good? I doubt it! Unfortunately the national media seems to agree with the government's treatment of Veterans and especially treatment by the Veterans Administration.

You are encouraged to copy these and send these to your local papers.

1. Peripheral Neuropathy




5. Another Memorial?


Many Vietnam Veterans ask WHY on denials by the VA for

Peripheral Neuropathy toxin nerve damage.

I receive quite a few e-mails from Vietnam Veterans on WHY and HOW can the VA continually deny Peripheral Neuropathy (PN), outside of their bogus and unscientific, one year removed from Vietnam diagnosis; and then cured within two years.

The why - is to save government money by using the VA to control "government expenditures for obsolete government assets (The Veterans); for justifiable and justified disability claims for one of the most prominent and prevalent Vietnam Veterans disorders.

The how - is the VA secretary is allowed to lie and cover-up to save the presidents coffers; and our congress will not challenge the VA. The VA is off limits and no congressional pressures are allowed on the VA for criminal activity.

The Aussies, the Kiwi's, the Koreans all report the same nerve damage disorders.

The Ranch Hand study, by our own government, found a linear dose rate to dioxin and PN. PN was touted as one of the highlights of this study; at least in the study transcripts and not the "redacted corrupt government report."

The Korean AO impact study of 2003 found PN with an Odds Ratio of 2.39. They found dioxin associated to PN at a p-value of 0.039. They found Non-Vietnam Veterans compared to Vietnam Veterans an incredible p-value of 0.0042 for PN. After adjusting for age, smoking, alcohol, body mass index, education, and marital status.

In all cases, proving medically and mathematically that PN is associated to dioxin and/or wartime service in Vietnam, regardless of cause.

Toxin workers and toxin accidents going back to 1949 show the exact same disorder, including warnings by the toxin manufacturer of nerve damage.

Totally cured the VA secretary says - about 50 board certified neurologist, my Army guys and my Marines have seen across this nation, state there is no cure for the debilitating neuropathy we have. Including that in at least 33% of the cases, the cause will never be known. Yet, veterans go uncompensated even when we have overwhelming mathematically and medical evidence that shows a direct correlation to either dioxin exposure and/or wartime service in Vietnam.

How and why? The VA is nothing but the "president's(s) government fox" guarding the government "hen house" which equates to "Veterans' disabilities and compensations" for their wartime service.

Disabilities caused by an arrogant Johnson Administration that was warned by our own scientists in 1966; and they still created a toxin legacy war, "the war that keeps on giving."

All Veterans remember the above, when it is time for the midterms and the 2008 elections, especially if your senator or congressman is on one of our Veterans Affairs Committees.

It is past time for them to step up and get to the truth; or get the heck out of DC!

I think it may be past time to vote for "anyone else"; other than what we have in the congress and the senate at present.

Note: The smaller the p-value, the less chance the comparison happened by chance alone. To get the more familiar positive association subtract the p-value from the number one (1).

Charles Kelley

DMZ Vietnam

The Toxin Corridor




(Part 1)

Among some of the tasks of the now “adversarial VA,” besides denying the existence of many “independently found associated medical disorders and diseases” to Agents Orange, White, and Blue and radiation poisoning in the first Gulf War; using corrupted and controlled government studies and less than truthful government-contracted agencies. The VA is charged with Veteran’s claims processing.

This VA’s “processing goal” seems to be to “stall to the death” of the Veteran in concert with only a four percent “unstated government wink and a nod goal” of approval of Veterans benefits “per year.” In other words a lottery based on total amount of dollars per year. While congress stands by and takes no hard look at the factual data on how these processes are manipulated by this federal agency. Average first processing time alone is 223 days, with a present backlog of over 500,000 claims. Many of these claims are in their third year or more. While the VA for decades has stated their intent is to do better, these facts are twisted and manipulated. The “results” do not match the decades of “government rhetoric fed Veterans.” This is unacceptable for the nations finest and most noble citizens.

One of the creative reporting tactics of the VA is to report, “the claim is resolved” when there are more than just the one issue on the claim. This means the Veteran may get a “zero dollar award” for one issue, yet he is disabled or dying and cannot get the coverage for the disability and hardship he and his family are now enduring, especially when it comes to toxin wartime service in Vietnam or the Gulf War disorders.

This, of course, is “as planned” by the government and their manipulated medical studies surrounding this wartime service of toxin poisoning and/or radiation poisoning in order to do exactly what the VA does – stall and allow “no more” than four percent of the claims approved per year.

One of my Battalion members found out in November of 2004 he had lung and trachea cancer – an already “automatically associated disease” of his wartime service in our Vietnam Toxins (plural) Legacy. He passed away in April of 2005 before his claim submitted in November was approved for an “automatically associated toxin cancer.” His wife and children do not receive the more than $10,000 dollars that would have been approved and received prior to his death had the VA not done what they are so excellent at doing, and I would say directed to do by our own government on the QT; and that is stall! Stall to the death of the veteran for politics and money. When this family needed monetary help in his last months the VA’s response was to “stall to his death.”

A recent report was CHRIS ADAMS and ALISON YOUNG March 06, 2005:

”Knight Ridder news may be onto one of the biggest stories of the year: “13,000 veterans needlessly died” awaiting appeals on VA benefit payments, with a net savings of untold millions for VA.

Obviously, this 13,000 is just the tip of the iceberg of veterans that have died waiting on the VA stalling processes or as a direct result of the “government toxin medical information voids created.”

Look at it this way. If the VA, as they are told to do, can only steal $10,000 dollars from each of the present outstanding Veterans claim, alive or dead. You are now talking FIVE BILLION dollars. Five billion dollars our stalwart congress will use on failed social programs full of corruption and fraud, just so they can stay in office.

Is it any wonder the VA gives out bonuses for denying veterans claims? I might also, if I had zero integrity and if I was trying to save a minimum total of five billion dollars.

I will also categorically state that any veteran or veteran’s family that speaks out against the VA will feel the wrath of this federal agency. It not only is corrupt but very vengeful and is allowed to be by our own congress.

The Social Security Administration seems to have no trouble getting money in the claimant’s bank 10 to 20 days after approval of disability. The difference is, the Social Security Administration has “no automatic already associated to wartime service disorder and diseases.” How the VA can justify this despicable treatment, other than, we are doing exactly what the White House and congress wants is just mind-boggling.

Yet, one of my own dies a horrible uncompensated death from two already “automatically approved toxin cancers” because the VA cannot approve and get the approval to dispersement within 30 days or even five months. Yet, my guy was still proud of his service in that war and our battalion’s efforts, even though his own government killed him. Can this nation ask more of this veteran and this family? Then to be treated this way by our own government is just despicable. This goes on daily for tens of thousands of our veterans and their families at the VA.

Does a conflict of interest now exist between the government/VA and the Veterans; called saving government pandering socialistic money? You bet there is. Social programs, to stay elected, now take precedence over those that defend this country and indeed most of the world. Even when our own arrogant government was the “direct cause” of the Veteran’s disability or death.

Does the congress take the VA to task on any issues? You bet they do not. It seems they are gutless in this issue. One would have to wonder why.

The VA seems to have more power than the entire United States Congress and all Veterans should now ask, is this “a convenience factor” for politics and money. On the other hand, is the VA that omnipotent and should be brought back under some form of control and integrity.

“Rep. Joe Baca (D-California) reintroduced legislation that will benefit thousands of veterans by reducing the backlog of pending claims at the Department of Veterans' Affairs.”

“As a nation we have an obligation to provide the benefits and services that our veterans have earned through their honorable service," Baca said. “That is why I'm introducing the Department of Veterans Affairs Claims Backlog Reduction Act of 2005. It will tell our veterans that a promise made is a promise kept.”

While I appreciate the congressman’s efforts and you noticed, it said, “Reintroduced.” Apparently, as one Australian Vietnam Veteran told me, “these governments just do not care.” With all do respect to the congressman and his efforts; the VA does not abide by congressional acts or congressional mandates, and never has. In reality, our congress could care less.

An issue that is more recent is the Congressional Dioxin Act of 1984, after 16 full years of “government VA led toxin lies” while veterans died off by the thousands. This is still totally ignored by the VA. Bring that up and the courts review of the “intent of that act;” and the VA laughs at Veterans.

This has to go down in history of the government as one of the biggest “congressional lies” ever put out by our congress.

Congress needs to take the VA to the woodshed but they will not. The VA is saving them too much money by robbing and denying yesterday’s government obsolete and dying asset: The United State’s Veteran.


As I said in the editorial on “peripheral neuropathy:”

All Veterans and Veteran’s widows remember the above, when it is time for the midterms and the 2008 elections, especially if your senator or congressman is on one of our Veterans Affairs Committees or the Oversight Committees.

It is past time for them to step up and get to the truth at the VA; or get the heck out of DC!

I think it may be past time to vote for "anyone else"; other than what we have in the congress and the senate at present.

Charles Kelley

DMZ Vietnam

The Toxin Corridor




(Part 2)

In addition to those Veterans dying or becoming disabled, while waiting for the VA to approve an “already associated and approved disorder.” I would estimate that hundreds of thousands of Vietnam Veterans have died from toxin related disorders that were covered up by the VA and our own government. Their families still do not know, 40 years later, our own government mortally wounded their husband or father; and they died from service to our nation by a hostile government, our own.

As soon as our Veterans starting coming home from our toxin war, dying and developing all kinds of medical issues. The VA was assigned the lead in these government cover-ups and government denials. Some VA heads went out into the scientific community and stated that any scientists that found an issue with dioxin were nothing but “Witch Doctors.” Just a tad bit of VA bias.

The VA met behind closed doors, not with the prestigious independent scientific research community of our nation or our own EPA, but with chemical company scientists and chemical company medical directors. From then on, the government and the chemical companies became a tag/team of co-conspirators and co-collaborators.

When a stalwart VA counselor with integrity in the Chicago area became suspicious and started pouring over spray records and asking questions of the chemical companies, the VA higher ups told her to cease and desist with the questions.

The main thrust of the VA was “not to find the truth” but to make darn sure that “the toxins were not associated” with the medical issues the Veterans were developing. Even though, in Vietnam itself, the Vietnamese were developing the same issues along with significant increases in birth defects and stillborns first noticed in early 1967, as well as our allies.

Check out HR 101-672 in 1991 that says the Reagan/Bush Administration interfered with the toxin studies because they did not want the monetary responsibility of supporting veterans.

This tried and perfected method of VA collaboration and government denial is now used on our Gulf War Veterans where government studies proved all these same issues the Veterans were developing were from stress. Stress in a war that took less time than the Thanksgiving Day holiday were more people are killed on the road by five times that amount than the entire war during the same amount of time. Yet, our media also eats this up instead of questioning these illogical findings by the government and its “government contracted hired medical guns.”

In addition, those that had normal children before that Thanksgiving Day Holiday stressor, 67% of them would now have deformed children from that same stress. How this nation continues to buy what our government and the VA are selling in these issues is just mind-boggling.

Fourteen years later, it is just about confirmed by everyone but the VA; the symptoms match neurotoxin damages. Which I think the whole world outside of the VA and our own government knows or will admit. This is the result of low dose DU shell radiation poisoning.

Another group of warriors left to die and become disabled by our own government and especially the VA and their so-called studies.

The same thing is going on now with the SHAD and Project 112 testing where the government is holding back life and death information from these Veterans used as government biological, gas, and toxin guinea pigs. How sick is that? Where is the congressional outrage that this even took place?

The impact of this “toxin information void” created on purpose is to do exactly what the government has done in the past with regards to mass Veterans issues that were caused by our own government. Deny – Deny - Deny until they can only deny a little, then put the VA in charge of the compensation lottery. I would say “litigation lottery” but as most veterans already know; our constitutional rights to charge our perpetrators in corrupt government studies and fraudulent government reporting is unconstitutionally withdrawn to us as Veteran Citizens. We are no longer a segment of society guaranteed the protection of the constitution against government corruption and indeed government tyranny.

Ironic, the Veteran swears an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Yet, when he then takes off his or her uniform; what the Veteran defended by offering up his or her life, his or her tomorrows, or parts of his or her body; this sacred of all guaranteed inalienable rights for the rest of the nation; now forsakes him or her.

WHY? Because they made the choice to wear the uniform of the United States Military and the Supreme Court or any other court no longer has jurisdiction as the government lays aside the Veteran Citizen. Our faithful and honorable congress has made sure of this fact. It is called the Feres Doctrine, which is unconstitutional.

This doctrine protects those in the government studies that change/modify medical scientific conclusions, or the use of command influence, or as one study scientists concluded and stated before congress; “the study for 20 years has never told the truth on what they were actually finding in the study cohort comparisons. The government has never given the veterans a fair assessment of their health in many different biological areas.”

This means our doctors never got the word either. Ladies and gentlemen that becomes criminal with criminal intent – federal agency or not. When you have information that could have saved thousands of Veterans lives or stalled their disability in life; and then kept it quite and covered it up. Any court in the land would call that criminal. If this happened to civilian segment of our society, those that perpetrated these crimes would be in federal prison.

For the identical government criminal activity against Veterans, the reward is keeping billions of dollars, maybe in the trillions, to pander to a segment of society that will vote as one. Plus promotions all around for those that participate in what has to be called government collaborations.

Yes, present and future veterans this same VA and government treatment awaits you.

Veterans must remember, the VA is nothing but the “government fox” guarding the “government henhouse” Veterans compensations.

Who appoints and who approves the head of this adversarial agency? The president appoints and the congress approves. Alternatively, in most cases it is a “coronation” not an approval.

I would suggest to the reader that both parties are happy with the results of the VA. Otherwise, one of the other or both would be taking the VA secretary to the woodshed. Just as congress took the Secretary of Defense to the woodshed on national TV.

The difference? Government money saved by allowing Veterans to die or become disabled.

Remember, the bottom line for our government is; it is much much cheaper to bury a Veteran than support him or her. It seems our national media feels the same way.

They, either democrat our republican, will get at least 40% of the Veterans vote based on history. So why would they worry about an old obsolete government asset (The Veteran) and spend billions in legitimate justified death and disablement claims in order to tie the other party at the voting booth; when they can criminally deny such claims and get away with it. Government morality and justice for veterans you say???

You have got to be kidding!

As I said in editorial (Part 1):

All Veterans and Veteran’s widows remember the above, when it is time for the midterms and the 2008 elections, especially if your senator or congressman is on one of our Veterans Affairs Committees or the Oversight Committees.

It is past time for them to step up and get to the truth at the VA; or get the heck out of DC!

I think it may be past time to vote for "anyone else"; other than what we have in the congress and the senate at present.

Charles Kelley

DMZ Vietnam

The Toxin Corridor




This newly announced VA outreach program is typical of the government’s concern for their Veterans. Especially, when it involves “government causations” and government “guinea pig usage” of our own Veterans.

The year is 2005, some 64 years after the fact; and now we have a VA outreach program for those WWII veterans that just might still be alive. Talk about hedging your government insurance (compensation) tables! I would think the government would be totally embarrassed about this issue.

However, one must realize as most Vietnam Veterans and Gulf War Veterans already realize this is “typical government behavior” with regard to its Veterans.

History in other mass veteran’s issues such as nuclear, LSD, Project 112, SHAD, our Vietnam toxin(s), plural, legacy; and more recent the Gulf War syndrome all show the same government philosophy. Either totally ignore the issue, deny it ever existed until enough evidence leaks out to prove otherwise, blame it all on stress, corrupt and/or obstruct the government medical studies specifically designed to prove our toxin or radiation damages, and create a Congressional Federal Regulation (CFR) that denies and disallows any and all “independent scientific evidence and mathematical conclusions” to a p-value of less than 0.05. (1)

In the mean time, as California Congressman Mike Thompson claims that the government is holding back “life and death” information for thousands of sailors who were Saran gassed and exposed to toxin and biological agents.

The government, using the VA, either holds back information or creates a “medical information void myth.” The same issue is in play, veterans die or become disabled while the VA plays games. As directed, one would have to assume, by our own government.

One of the editors of the “Veterans News” newspaper suggested that eventually the government would finally admit all the issues of our toxin legacy, including the generational damages; but it would be greater than the 64 years. WHY? “The government never did like Vietnam Veterans anyway.” That would mean maybe in 2037 they might admit some admission of guilt and another bogus VA outreach program in a VA PR move will be announced for those few that are left. In addition, it goes on and on and on; and there is nothing Veterans can do about it. Our own congress has made sure the “Veteran Citizen” is laid aside and is no longer granted inalienable rights to the protection of the constitution and protection from government and VA tyranny.

In all cases, the VA outreach is minimal at best. In most cases, it is nonexistent.

The VA says they are contacting the individuals themselves, like they positively know all the men that were involved over a half-century ago.

The VA calls their propaganda magazine “Agent Orange Review” an outreach program. I consider myself a very informed Veteran and never heard of this propaganda magazine until two years ago. Then find it is so full of lies and misstated facts; that it is not worth reading. In fact, even the title is misleading. There has never been a government study for Agent Orange as an herbicide. Only dioxin that is only “one component” of the herbicide was evaluated and even those studies were less than forthcoming and had very little government integrity, if any.

Of course, they want every one to forget about Agent White and Agent Blue; or the combinational effects of all these toxins at one time, including Dapsone.

Compare VA outreach to the rest of our nation’s citizens.

Two mules and one person dies from West Nile Virus in a remote place called “Nowhere” for the lack of a better name. The CDC makes announcements on the national media; the reporters on Fox News and CNN News make announcements; the CNN streamer at the bottom of the TV screen runs on for two or three days. That is what I would call “outreach.”

The same thing for anthrax or ricin, it goes on for days with a half a thimble full or a letter with small amounts of powder. The nation gets this form of outreach but not the Veterans.

The VA is in charge of outreach for this segment of society. Do you really think the VA wants to find and notify veterans or their widows? Remember their primary goal is to limit Veterans expenditures at the behest of the president and congress.

After the VA and our government denied publicly for 22 years there was no toxin damages at all. When they finally announced our first mortality toxin caused cancer. Did I miss the media blitz to notify those thousands of widows or those Veterans that were developing these immune system cancers?

They can deny publicly and nationally for 22 years and when proof is found, the government silence was deafening. Including using proven fraudulent chemical studies in their proclamations of “no toxin damages.” Yet, when these chemical company studies were proven fraudulent did anyone see notification of this by our own government who used these studies to say, “see this study shows no problem.” Yet, when the study was corrected it showed an increase in cancers of 68% or greater. Not what you would call insignificant!

Where was all the bellowing and crowing of the government and the VA then? Silence!

So government outreach as defined by the VA means different things to them than what it means to the rest of the nation’s citizens.

Once again, all Veterans and Widows of veterans should remember the above, when it is time for the midterms and the 2008 elections, especially if your senator or congressman is on one of our Veterans Affairs Committees.

It is past time for them to step up and get to the truth; or get the heck out of DC!

I think it may be past time to vote for "anyone else"; other than what we have in the congress and the senate at present.

(1) The world scientific standard for proving an association to any one fact or issue is a p-value of 0.05 or less. However, remember the congress passed an act that stated the Veterans in these unknown issues must get the benefit of the doubt by the VA. Yet, the standard for the VA is p-value equals 0.05 which means there is no doubt the variant is associated. This congressional mandate, supposedly for veterans, has to go down as one the biggest lies ever perpetrated by the United States Congress.

Charles Kelley

DMZ Vietnam

The Toxin Corridor



Another Memorial?

Ironic as it seems, our politicians seemed to want to build a memorial to our disabled veterans when they allow the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to totally ignore these men and women. Then allow the government to cover-up and collaborate against the very veterans for which they want to build a memorial. It seems the priorities are not where they should be. Politics and saved politician pandering government money seems to be the only logical conclusion.

The government and VA philosophy seems to be to “stall to the death of the Veteran” even when our own government was the “cause of the disability or Veterans death.”

Over 500,000 claims are being stalled and denied because of an unstated 4% “wink and nod approval” a year maximum and the use of corrupted government medical studies.

Building a memorial does not bring back lost health or death that could have been prevented if not for direct government collaborations and cover-ups.

John Deutch the newly confirmed Director of the Central Intelligence stated, “To my mind, there is no more “serious crime” than an official military cover up of facts

that could prevent more effective diagnosis and treatment of sick U.S. veterans.”

I would add that the description Mr. Deutch cited in any court in the land would be criminal charges, not just a misrepresentation of the facts.

I would submit this goes on daily in our government/VA/DOD and yes even some members of congress; and has for at least 40 years in our Vietnam Toxin Legacy and now our Gulf War issues. It is obvious our Presidents could care less. Guided by God and prayer or not, it seems to make no difference when it comes to government truth.

Prior to the 2004 national conventions, I had sent government collaboration and cover-up data to every candidate that was in the political process. The only one that had the guts to answer was General Wesley Clark. I was not a supporter and do not know the General I am just reporting the facts. He alone had the guts and the moral fiber to respond. The rest are spineless and seemed to think another memorial is the answer to calm the masses.

The General’s answer was:

• He would mandate a response time from the VA to the Veteran of no more than six months. (As it is now the VA can stall at any point in process from day one to 20 years or longer.) Might be the reason the total is at over 500,000.

• He would appoint a commission to review the previous administration’s transgressions against Veterans, especially with regard to AO.

This is the kind of responsible congressional activity the Veterans need, not another memorial.

As one study scientists stated; if the word ever gets out about how this nation has treated its Agent Orange Veterans and Gulf War Veterans it will become a “national security issue.”

It is time we Veterans made it one and get that word out.

If this nation does not have the heart to support its veterans and only has the heart to send these men and women into harms way; then allows the government cover-ups and collaborations to continue regarding the “governments own involvement” in creating death and disability as Mr. Deutch alluded to. Then it is time Veterans (past, present, and future) came together and tell this government and its “so-called honorable politicians,” NO MORE!

We Veterans are much much more than the former Secretary of State stated, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

While I will say, our own government treats us as if we were dumb stupid animals and we would not realize the government corruption and collaborations used against us.

However, even dumb stupid animals have the protection of the SPCA. Veterans have nothing but government tyranny that awaits them.

We are America’s finest and most noble of all citizens.

Can this nation ask more of a citizen?

Charles Kelley

DMZ 67-68

The Toxin Corridor

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