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    • I agree with you, we have to be our own best advocates and stay on top of things but I can honestly say that ChampVA is not timely at all.  If I send in a claim, it takes them months to send it back usually saying there is an error (which is usually bs) and I resend and get my check but I have gotten to the point that if it isn't a significant amount of money I don't even bother anymore, more of my time than it is worth.  Funny that you also had to get you congressman involved.  SAD!
    • Congratulations, it sounds like you got an increase in your hearing loss.  As far as PTSD denial, then you should likely appeal this denial.  Make sure the big 3 are in your records:  Current diagnosis of PTSD, in service event or aggravation, and nexus statement.   If you post the decision "reasons and bases" for denial of PTSD, we may be able to help wording a NOD.  Cover your name and address.  I suggest a new post, on PTSD denial so its not confused with your post on hearing loss.  
    • Can you guys just PM me  I don't think its appropriate for the lady members to see /read these post. Thanks ...................Buck
    • Thank you Flores for your response. I should find out here in 2 - 3 weeks. Those FDC are moving along fast these days. If this claim gets done next month it'll be under 90 days.  I did file only one disability and the package was solid with an IME and treatment records.  I'll post to this thread when I have the results.
    • Well I'm not sure if she does treat it?she is  an( Internal Medicine Dr) she is very young and just finished her Internship in 2014 and became an MD  ..she has about 2 years as a MD at the VA. and what makes this so hard for me to ask her she is a very attractive woman...now don't get me wrong  I'd never you know what  nor do I flirt or anything like that  she is single  but still. I been thinking about asking her about this for a long time  but just never got up the damn nerve. so since my MH Dr got me on these med's should I ask her?

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Mil T

Multiple Myeloma Claim

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I'm wondering if anyone has handled a claim or have filed a claim for Multiple Myeloma when they have been diagnosed with Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, or MGUS. This can be a precurser to MM. MGUS is not MM but doctors have to continue to monitor for MM if you have MGUS.

Does anyone have experience with the VA and MGUS?


Mil T

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Mil T

I currently have a pending claim with VA for smoldering multiple myeloma. I filed my claim in October 2011. I was diagnosed with MGUS in August 2009 and then I was diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma in September 2010 after I had a bone marrow biopsy which indicated a plasma cell percentage of 12%. My last bone marrow results indicated 22% plasma cell percentage. At first, I was not going to file a claim for smoldering multiple myeloma since it is considered asymptomatic but input with others on this forum convinced me to do otherwise. Berta, who is one of the moderators on this forum, provided me with a BVA decision where the veteran was successful with a smoldering multiple myeloma claim. However, I have not heard of anyone who was successful with a MGUS claim.

According to my oncologists, some people with MGUS never develop multiple myeloma but people with multiple myeloma more than likely had MGUS first. Keep your fingers crossed that your MGUS will never develop into multiple myeloma.

If you have any other questions, let me know.


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