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  • Forum Rules


    (1) Do Not Argue with the Moderators. If a moderator tells you to stop doing something, then stop; if you are unable to stop yourself, your account will be deleted. Moderators are in place to keep the forum running smoothly; what they say goes. Moderators are uncompensated volunteers, who come from all walks of life, some even work for the VA. They volunteer their time here at no cost to you or

    (2) is not a Political tool or group and is not responsible for members' Political expression or ideas that may temporarily be posted. Political discussions are not allowed on this forum. Our focus is VA disability claims and benefits. Political posts will be deleted; if a member continues to post, the member will be banned.

    (3) does not allow member comments about other sites; this is not the place for that.

    (4) Personal attacks are not allowed against anyone.

    (5) You may not post any material which is listed below.

    (a) knowingly false and/or defamatory or inaccurate. 

    (b)  racist.

    (c) abusive.

    (d) vulgar.

    (e) hateful, harassing.

    (f) obscene.

    (g) profane.

    (h) sexually oriented.

    (i) Threatening or invading a person's privacy or otherwise violates any law.

    (6) No advertisements are allowed on the board by any board member; the only ads allowed are ones that has approved.

    (7) Soliciting donations, no matter the cause, is prohibited on

    (8) You may not post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.

    Disciplinary actions:

    (1) A moderator or Admin will warn you to stop your actions. (Consider this your first warning)

    (2) The second time you are asked to stop, you will be suspended from posting for seven days. 

    (3) The third time you are asked to stop, you will be suspended from posting for 14 days.

    (4) The fourth you violate the above Rules or the posed Guidelines, you will be banned from reserves the right to amend its Rules or Guidelines to keep the community operating efficiently.

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