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  • Advice given on the HadIt.com Forum and Site is in no way a substitute for consulting with a competent Veterans law firm, such as one (you pick your favorite) on the NOVA advocate website.  

        If you already have retained a law firm, then you should follow that law firm's advice instead of HadIt.com members' advice. 


        Many law firms can access your VBMS file, while HadIt.com members cannot.  Your law firm may know about issues relevant to your case, while HadIt.com posters often do not have that information.  

        Of course, your law firm will have access to your VBMS file and professional training and experience. In contrast, HadIt.com members (unless otherwise posted) have neither legal training nor a law degree.  


    Veterans often make "coin toss" choices where both options could produce similar results.   These are things like, "Should I file an HLR or go directly to the BVA."  One Veteran may do well with a HLR, while others suggest going directly to the BVA.  

        Moderators and Staff will never KNOWINGLY suggest to a Veteran that he or she commit any fraud, nor will we knowingly recommend a Veteran violate one or more laws to obtain benefits.  Laws vary with different states and cities, so you should always consult a professional if in doubt. 

    Further, since we are uncompensated volunteers, each Visitor should understand that posters do not accept liability for any of the advice given. 

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