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  1. Found my CUE, and I hope it helps many others!

    1. rakkwarrior


      I provided an analysis on your recent posting, of which I think you are a gifted individual in regard to your ability to review, analyze, and interpret the regulations. You'd make several people I know jealous.

      That being said, I wanted to clarify how this works, and in doing so allow you to see the application. I hope this helps and I commend you for your work and efforts here.



    2. WAC-Vet75


      Wow, I just now read your posting... I am speechless, and that's amazing for me! Thank you!

    3. rakkwarrior


      Your welcome. I have, since March, been silent on the forums here. I found some of the combativeness and sarcasm here aggravated my PTSD, and needed to take care of myself. You know how to get a hold of me should you need my advice.


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