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  1. Good morning, I have a few questions that I Would really love to get your input on as well as get your take on an NOD that I am contemplating filing.  I would not want this information shared openly.  1) I have been reseaching for the last few weeks as to how to best support my NOD and in that search I have come across the ability for them to CUE themselves in some way to take back what they have already given. 30% IBS, 40% Fibro, 50% Apnea & 100% mental. I have a family of 7 and was awarded last year.  The $ lost would bring my family to their knees and I would be back in the food pantry line at church and bankrupt the moment that stopped. And my kids would no longer have their college paid for, this would likely be an unrecoverable happening to us as there is no chance of me being able to go back to work, i havt worked since 2012 and had been self employed since 2001. in any case, i believe that i have a very clear 3.156, as well as CUE, I am chosing to go the 3.156 route first.  I have been struggling with this for some time now as the VA has treated me like gold and i dont want to seem ungreatful by going back and asking for more.  I have been denied retro for ibs and fibro with the approvals. I have decided to put the breaks on this for fear of losing everything and would like to get your opinon. I would love to send my letter along if you would ensure that it would not be shared.

    thanks for your time and hope you have a great day! Btw i am very new here and really unsure as to how to find out if you responded or not to this.  So in case i cant find it, i recently posed a question titled Nod cue dro or shut up and go away that you responded to and you could repost there.  Thanks so much!  

    PS. I am trying to get the opnion of Berta, Cruiser and you personally. I sent this message to Berta and trying to find Cruiser as well.

    1. asknod


      First of all, I wouldn't trust anything Cruiser said in this lifetime. His advice to others is negative and not constructive. Everything he's ever told me about 3.156 (c) turned out untrue and the CUE advice was inaccurate as well. I won my claims back to 1994 based on what he said could either not be done or was unsupported by law. Berta has far more useful advice on CUE than he ever will and she doesn't drink as far as I know. Alcohol doesn't improve the advice.

      I am an accredited VA non attorney practitioner and I have no professional relationship with you. It's now more difficult to offer advice without being liable. I hope you can understand that. This recent development is why you will see far  less of my advice here now.



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