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Update Re: Toxic Lejeune Water

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In part:

"Officials with the Department of Veterans Affairs told members of a community assistance panel addressing issues surrounding historical water contamination at Camp Lejeune that related disability claims would soon be processed at a central location.

Brad Flohr, with the Veterans Benefits Administration Compensation and Pension Service Department, told the group on Thursday that all the Lejeune water claims would be sent to the VA center in Louisville, Ky., as a way to track the cases and keep the procedure for handling them consistent."

"Lejeune veterans and former residents who lived aboard the base between the 1950s and 1980s and attribute ailments like male breast cancer and non-Hodgkins lymphoma to chemical contaminants in the water have advocated for a VA presumptive policy on water cases, similar to that governing exposure to the Vietnam-era chemical Agent Orange."

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    • Yes this would help a lot.
    • If you have disabilty ratings that add up to 100% and they are static, and then you have one future exam scheduled for another disability, but it doesn't change your 100% rating whether that rating changes or not, can you still be rated P&T?
    • Update -- Still waiting for my C-file and will call the 1-800 number on Monday to ask for the status.
    • My appeal was remanded on 2 Feb 2016 to St Petersburg RO. Does anyone have any idea how long this RO is taking to process remands. VLJ ordered that remand receive expeditious treatment at this point 8 months and counting. Is it feasible to file a Writ on Mandamus prior to one year?
    • Hi Berta, I am working with a company that went through my service record and discovered that VA should have rated me for severe tricuspid regurgitation upon my initial evaluation when I exited the service so we put in for it and my claim is now in prep for decision.  According to the company, this rating would fall under VASRD 7020.  I was hoping someone here could validate is there best guess based on experience.  Also, the CUE was denied, but the denial was not what I was requesting so I am still fighting that battle.   I am not receiving nor have thought about applying for SSDI.  Thank you very kindly and I look forward to your reply.