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    Important: All the old articles that had been at hadit.com can now be found here VA Claims and Benefits Information

    Getting all the posts over to the new format will take some time. We are starting this transition on Jan 1, 2024. As we process through this the best way to find information is to use our search.

    This will fold all of HadIt.com into the Community Eco System which will add value to the members and guests and cut our monthly expenses.

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  • Welcome to HadIt.com Veterans!
    Knowledge Is Power and brothers and sisters we've been gathering knowledge since 1997. We may be one of the oldest veterans disability claims communities. What we have collected is a great and active membership and decades of veterans' experiences in getting their VA disability claims approved. 
    How HadIt.com Veterans Works
    Veterans post their questions about their claim or disability and other veterans who have had experience with that kind of claim or those who study these types of things jump in and answer your questions, point you in the right direction or just offer emotional support. 
    Then, when you see a question you can answer or research for another veteran you jump in and give them a hand. The community is built by members who come to get their questions answered and stay to answer other veterans' questions or lend an ear and provide some emotional support. If you are good at searching Google then do some searches to answer another veteran's question, don't know the answer, just add a note of support, it always helps to hear a friendly voice of support from someone who has been there.
    What can I do here? 
    Utilize our site to research VA Disability Claims procedures for compensation and other benefits. Join our active discussion forum and post questions to other veterans.
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