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  1. Va Rating Change?

    Greetings all, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I had filed for sleep apnea quite some time ago. When I arrived at the hospital for my exam, I was told it wasn't for that, but a re-evaluation on my back. I'm receiving 20% for degenerative joint disorder. Anyway, if the va determines my condition has worsen, will they increase my percentage? Or do I have to file for an increase? My condition has worsened to the point of missing work.
  2. Ibs

    So since I'm a swimsuit model, can I claim disability since I can't wear a pad and speedo's!!! Yes I'm being sarcastic
  3. Possible Burn Pit Issues

    Greetings all. I've started having issues where I'm found Vitamin D deficient, and anemic. I've had several colonoscopy's, and endoscopies, but they can't seem to find out where I'm losing blood. Was just wondering if anyone else was having this issue. We hauled trash daily to the burn pits in Balad in 04-05.
  4. Ibs

    I'm new to this site, but this is what I did about my IBS. I have had issues since returning from Desert Storm. Constant diarhea, (sp), cramps. Here is what I did to prove my point, it's somewhat weird, but very effective. Have a smart phone, take a picture of every bowel movement. I know that sounds extreme, but you can have a time stamp of how often, and what your stools are like. I went into my exam, whipped out my ipad, and started the slide show. After a couple of pictures, the doctor had seen enough. True, nobody likes to walk around with stool pictures on their phone, but it proves your point! Good luck.
  5. Greetings all. I thought I had heard it all until now. I finally got a consult to see a specialist about my digestive problems. He immediately ordered a colonoscopy. They found 1 polyp and removed it, but also noted I now have hemeroids. (sic) I had filed for IBS this time instead of stomach issues. When I first filed, I had no clue what was wrong except it wasn't right in my digestive system. They've scheduled me appointments for C&P to increase my PTSD and for IBS. So today in the mail, I get a stack of papers from Chicago telling me they need to know exactly why I want my PTSD increased. How can I write on paper explaining this? I'm angry all the time. I often break down crying in the middle of the day, and don't know how to stop. I haven't been to the PTSD ward at VA for quite some time. The last Dr I was assigned to had cancelled the last 3 appointments I had with her. I made an appointment with a nurse at that clinic. She told me outright that they may never fix the PTSD, only make it more bearable. I have never felt so helpless and alone in my life at that point. So I requested to be assigned to another doctor, and never heard back from them. Then they also mention that they denied my stomach issues back in 2007. I wasn't even seen by the C&P doctor till 2010! They want me to provide proof that I've had this problem since returning from Desert Storm. Thanks for listening. Losing hope in this battle. Brad
  6. Greetings all. This is my first post, I'm so glad I found this site with so much helpful information. So here goes: After coming back from Desert Storm, I started having digestive issues. Since I've done two more tours in Iraq, it's become very difficult. I filed a claim last year, and was told by the examiner that the bowel problems were caused by taking too many Tums antacids, and my claim was denied. I told my personal physician what the doctor said and he said he couldn't be more wrong. My doctor sent me for colonoscopy, came back negative, and the term escapes me, but they basically put a camera down your throat. They could see irritation from the acid reflux. I recently received a va newsletter, where they have stated that Irritable bowel syndrome is on the list of being presumed service connected if you served when and where I was located. I went to the state VA service officer and she filed for IBS again. (I didn't appeal the first decision, I have just about given up on VA) How do I get another exam? Will this happen since I filed again? My personal doctor has diagnosed me with IBS. I've even gone so far as to take pictures of my stools with my cell phone and downloaded them to my computer. They are all time stamped, so they can see that this is a daily issue. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I could do? Thank you so very much for your time. Sorry it's so long winded, my brain just doesn't work like it used to. Brad Doyle Fairview Heights, IL