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  1. I find it funny that all BDD/Quick Start claims, which are supposed to speed up the process for disability Compensation has slowed down the process because only two facilities are managed those claims, yet someone who submits there iniital claim the old fashion way tends to get a response in less than 6 months, granted that their are those members that are the exception and are getting the run around over a year later. However, I am not talking about appeals or resummital claims only the BDD/Quick Start. I am talking about inital claims to determine a rating. The VA is puzzling me in that aspect. QUICK START AND BDD are both way behind the power curve and I don't care what anybody says because I have seen so many claims get approved with many cut and dry 15 or so claimables versus 1 or 2 and still it took the same amount of time if you file the old way. DANG should of could have would have, if I only knew.
  2. Because I am still new at this what is TDIU? I am sure at some point I am going to have to move up in this process if ever I become not eligible to work?
  3. Carlie, These are my thoughts and questions as your profile shows no service connection (SC) at this time. The first thing is that a condition needs to get granted as SC'd, next is at what percentage and third is what effective date is applied to the claim issue. This is my first claim with mutilple other things I am claiming. Initial just got out of the military. All are service related according to the C&P's The way I read this is your depression is the Primary Mental Health diagnosis and that the opinion states the depression is the results of the Thyroid disease/Hypothyroidism. The way I'm thinking is that the Thyroid disease/Hypothyroidism would need to be SC (Is Service Related according to C&P), first and then the depression could be granted as a secondary SC - to the Thyroid disease. Have you ever filed a claim for the Thyroid disease or are you SC'd for it ? Thyroid is included in this claim with multiple other things. Was the Thyroid disease diagnosed and/or treated on active duty ? Yes If your depression is adjudicated as SC'd - I don't read anything in this C&P that addresses your residual symptoms from depression and/or how your depression effects your life or occupational and social impairment, so at this time I don't see anyway to try and guess at what a percentage would be. I am fuzzy this morning, other's will chime in. Sorry about not including the day to day residuals, I will list what is on the C&P below Social functions: isolates self doesn't appropriately interact with others doesn't engage in social activities not able to meet work demands and responsibilities Duration & Frequency of Symptoms Chronic & Continuous Severity of Symptoms Moderate to servere Activities of daily living-moderate routine responsibilities-moderate Family Role-Moderate to Severe Leasure Activities-Moderate to Severe Quality of Life-Moderate 50 percent GAF
  4. Yeah that is kind of what I figured. I can work so far, and have been working but, didn't know how they determine wether to give 30% or 50%.
  5. At my C&P I was diagnosed with Thoraco-lumbar sprain with mild thoraco-lumbar DJD: Problems associated with the Diagnosis: Lumbar spine condition/Thoracic lumbar spine condition w. bulging discs. Any indication if this is rated? I think they go of of mobility and if it affects day to day.
  6. Have a question regarding a C&P I got back, background just separated from the military, honorable discharge, just got out to take care of medical and start new. I recieved this as my axis for depression at which I thought was secondary to Hypothyroidism, I think this means they think it is a primary. Axis I: Depressive disorder, NOS Axis II: No diagnosis Axis III: Hypothyroid Disorder: Chronic Back Pain Axis IV: Problems related to chronic medical disorder Axix V: Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF): 50 her remarks were: The Veteran's symptoms of depression started during the context of the veteran's diagnosis of hypothyrodism. However, the veteran's symptoms of depression and anxiety have continued and worsened after being medically treated for Hypothyroidism. Thus, it is more likely than not that the Veteran's Symptoms of depression and anxiety was initiated by the Thyroid Disease; however these symptoms have persistented greatly and thus warrant a primary diagnosis of Depressive Disorder, NOS at this time. Any idea of what this could possibly be rated?
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