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  1. Well, according to my VA guy there is a list of ships that were recognized as being excessively loud and contributing to hearing loss. If you served on one of those ships you were presumed to have a basis for a claim for hearing loss. Unfortunately he can't locate that list at the moment. Are there other forums I might ask this question if no one here has an answer? I'm not trying to be snippy, just looking for info. I appreciate you responding. Urge
  2. T8r- "The Duty MOS Noise Exposure Listing, which has been reviewed and endorsed by each branch of service, is available at http://vbaw.vba.va.g...utymosnoise.xls" This link does not work. fanaticbooks- None of these pertains to Navy ships. These are mostly from the Army. I am looking for a list of US Navy ships that are considered to cause hearing loss. Urge
  3. I am just starting to file a claim with the VA for service connected hearing loss. I served on a WWII Diesel Submarine With 4 huge diesels. I slept right next to the engine compartment. My local VA agent told me there is a list of ships that the VA has already acknowledged as having noise levels that cause hearing loss. He can't find it. Can anyone hear point me in the right direction or give me a link to another Vets forum etc. that might have this info? Urge
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