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  1. Just an update........... I called Claims Management 202-273-7453 And after an extended conversation with a nice lady was informed that she would do an in depth inquiry and have the RO contact me. 3 days later the RO (St Pete) actually called back and said there was a discrepency with my claim. Once this was rectified, ebenefits went from gathering evidence to pending decision approval in less than a week. note: The RO never contacted me through any medium to tell me a discrepency was holding up progress on my claim. Moral of the story: Never give up pestering these people. They are overwhelmed and understaffed and probably miss alot of important issues. Its the claimants responsibility to keep on top of them, otherwise they will drop the ball and you will be left holding the waiting game bag. I dont know if claim was approved yet, but either way I know being proactive helped to move it along. Thanks to all who answered my questions and lent their ear and thanks to everyone of you that served. God Bless and good luck in your pursuit of the benefits you deserve.
  2. Here we are once again, 6 months after my original post and its as if nothing ever moves in the system. The only change has been an addition to the ebennies claim summary that gives an `estimated time for completion`. Aug 4 2011 to June 13 2012. Anyone give any credence to this new ebennies addition? Or is it another ploy to stifle inquiries?
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate the help. My claim should run retro to 1997, so I would imagine they are mulling the decision based on a substantial back pay amount. When it comes to high dollar claims they tend to drag their collective feet IMHO.
  4. Filed a compensation claim for (adjustment disorder with depressed mood (now claimed as bipolar condition) (Increase), unemployability ) On 12/17/2010. Currently rated at a 70% combined SC. Had C&P done Oct 2011. All Medical Evidence including C&P has been submitted according to "Peggy". Ebenefits shows "Gathering of Evidence" and "What we still need from you". Spoke with REP at the 1000 number several weeks ago and he claimed 13 months was extremely long to be in Gathering stage. This is a pretty simple cut and dry. 2 questions: 1) Is ebennies accurate? 2) Is 13 months an inordinate amount of time to be in the Gathering stage. Thanks in advance for you comments. PS, Was recently awarded Fully Favorable Decision for SSDI for the same service connected issues, Should I use this as more evidence for my VA Claim?
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