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  1. So far I'm doing fairly well in that my injury was in my neck shoulder area c5 c6 and it has affected my arms and shoulders. My legs are good. I've read alot about spinal cord injuries and I really feel sorry for the people whose injury is in the lower part of there body because they have alot of other serious problems with bowel movements, pain, and getting around. I am able to live in my home as it is. Its all a learning process and about the time you think you know what is going on, you might get severe pain, fatigue, and won't be able to do much for 3-4 days.
  2. If the veteran was discharged from the military because of his spinal cord injury he should get 100% disability. To date, there is no cure for spinal cord injury. I hope they can help him in rehab. For me, rehab and occupational theropy didn't help. My spinal cord injury is considered incomplete meaning the spinal cord was not severed.
  3. Allan, for me, that was a very interesting post. I suffered a incomplete SCI do to severe loss of blood and severe low blood pressure at C5-C6. I suffer from alot of the symtoms discussed in the post. I read all I find on SCI and this article explained alot of the effects I have for a upper level injury. SCI from blood loss is almost unheard of and there is very little info out there. Getting to sleep isn't a big problem but if I wake at 2:00 AM I'm done because the pain in my shoulders is to intense. My main concern lately is my blood pressure will be good for days and then it shoots up to 190 over 95 or something like that for 2or 3 days and then its back down to 125 over 72 or something like that. My VA doc has me now taking 2 BP pills a day and I don't like it. I had my episode on 10-04-04 and I feel that the effects of the injury may have finally ended, my left arm had the most damage. I could write a book here, sometimes you have to talk about it, just wanted to thank you for the excellent post.
  4. I was in Okinawa for a year during the Vietnam War and there were thousands of broken down army trucks and tanker trucks lined up for miles. I have pictures of them. They mostly came from Vietnam to Okinawa to either be scraped or rebuilt. I always felt they must have had that AO on them.
  5. my thoughts are I'm now getting IU, I'm going to not put in for anymore claims, hopefully it will give the VA more time to work on other vets claims so that they can get a check sooner.
  6. no more appeals, my effective date is in June because the first 4 mo. I couldn't hardly move because of pain and my SO didn't want to file a claim for about 3 mo. when I first went to him. He wanted more evidence. He only comes to our area 1 time a month. I learned here on Hadit that you can file your own claim but at that time was unaware of that.
  7. it says, we granted entitlement to the 100% rate eff. June 14, 2005. No examination will be scheduled in the future. My overall or combined rating is 80% plus special monthly compensation. I'm relieved thats its all settled and done. The medical records were all the same hospital records that were put together from when I was hospitalized and the neurologist reports that developed as a result of all the EMG's and poking they've done for the last 18 mo. I was fortunate that my P.O. insurance paid almost all the bills.
  8. In August I was granted 80% and on 10-04-06 i was granted TDIU. This was 2 yrs. to the day that I had my severe GI bleed which due to severe low blood and low pressure I had a watershed event in the cervical cord resulting in spinal cord damage. My SO filed a 1151 claim for me. It took several appeals, SSDI, and disability retirement and all my medical records, and thanks to Berta and John 999's help, I was able to get TDIU. Thanks Berta, John 999, and Tbird. Also, Pete 53, thanks for your encouragement. Pete 53 is the first Hadit member that emailed me with words of encouragement. I had a difficult unusual case which I felt my SO didn't understand, the doctors even can't figure out what all really took place, but the IMO's and a letter from my wife to the VA and Berta's and John 999's advise was key. I filed the appeals myself. Thank you and I hope it works out for everyone here. mike
  9. John 999, just thought I'd tell you that my disability retirement check just went down 20% from the P.O. What's odd is the P.O. personel office had to send my high 3 yr pay average to the VA, my work record which was exc., the VA wanted those records from the P.O., not submitted by me. My hope is that TDIU will come in a second brown envelope.
  10. I filled out the 21-8940 and sent it in on 1-30-06 certified, return reciept. There was no mention of TDIU. My wife had wrote a letter which was included in evidence, so that is real important. I learned that here, have someone write how things are and in my case, they did consider it.
  11. I got the big envelope. The good news was left ischemic cervical myelopathy, which is currently 10% , is retroactively increased to 40% eff 5-14-05. Right ischemic cervical myelopathy 10% increased to 30%, retro to 5-14-05. I have 30% on feet for pes planus. I expected TDIU, they still have not used SSDI, disability retirement from P.O. or the nuero letter stating I won't be able to work again ever as evidence. I guess that will go on the VA form 9. I don't have any idea what I'll be getting but this will make life better at the home front. Thanks all, especially John 999 and Berta.
  12. John, thanks for the info. The P.O. personnel person from Milw. has sent my last day of pay and I think my average pay for the last 3 years of employment to the VA in Detroit. They had requested that a long time ago. I sent them SSDI notice, retirement info, all by certified mail. I just sometimes wonder if it got in my file properly. Anyway, this waiting is tough. I had 30% from before on my feet so I now have 50% total.
  13. my upper extremity problems are from watershed event of the cervical cord. Due to severe low blood and severe low blood pressure I had the watershed event. It is a most unusual happening. From it I got spinal cord damage. I've had at least 4 EMG's and all the tests. All the Drs. can't believe what happened. My spine is fine, its in the spinal cord and the nerve endings that branch out into the arms is where the problem is.
  14. I did file the 21-8940 back in Jan. o6. I got 2 letters saying there still working on it. I've had 3 MRI's and they don't show anything. The neurologist says that is common. Neuro report says sensory loss persisted through all cervical dermatomes but was greatest in C5-C6 as compared to C8-T1. I've sent in every report I recieved. None of my Drs. would sign release for me to return to work. When the VA gave me 10% for each arm I didn't have my SSDI yet or disability retirement yet. Thats hopefully the reason I didn't get TDIU at that time. When I got the 20% award I didn't know yet that I wouldn't be able to return to work. I had 140+ sick days and 55 vacation days that I used up before I realized that my P.O. job was over.
  15. I got 10% service connection for each arm after my GI bleed which was caused by naproxen. My whole upper body is numb to pinprick, pain, fatigue, muscle atrophy, I expected TDIU and got 20% additional for a total of 50%. So I appealed since I lost my P.O. job, I did get SSDI and disability retirement. From everything I've seen here, I should get TDIU if you loose your job. I'm waiting and checking the mail every morning and I only get word that there working on it. I can't take pain killers since pain killers are what caused the bleed. There sure don't seem to be many people winning there claims lately.
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