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  1. Two years or one year doesn't keep you from re applying if it was service related. Especially since you were given a rating by the VA. Your rating won't be reduced by law, they only opt to increase if you qualify. That right there probably takes a lot of the worry out of whether you should or not. You don't have to wait. I know a lot of vets afraid of the VA taking away what they have, and have given up on their benefits. You don't have to see the whole stairway to take the first step - MLK
  2. If you're thinking about reason to reeval your disabilities this could be the reason you should do it now. This is from http://www.military.com/benefits/2013/10/31/70k-vets-still-have-chance-to-gain-retiree-status.html
  3. Thank you for the welcome. I received a VA decision of: depressive disorder 30% tinnitus 10% hypertension 10%. I was also granted 0% each for: gout, left ear hearing loss, and chronic manifestation of gastrointestinal bleeding and anemia. Exactly in that order on paper. they dismissed my low back pain, hearing loss. The paragraphs following are exactly as follows: "The law says VA can't pay for disabilities that are less than 10% disabling." "Your overall or combined rating is 40%. We do not add the individual percentages of each condition to determine your combined rating. We use a combined rating table that considers the effect from the most serious to the least serious." I was instructed at the of separation, I was only entitled to separation pay (no retirement), and that my actual rating is 20%. So I'm really confused about the military math used here. As far as what I hid I had serious head trauma during an Airborne Op on a late jump decision. And have had migraines since., I can post in more detail, but there is another forum for that. This the main stuff.
  4. Here to say hi and looking forward to this nice place where vets can share Well here's my data... I was in the Army for over 17 years and was separated with pay for my disabilities in 2006. I really never planned on getting out at all, but life happens. I was given separation pay and 20% rating. They basically said so sorry and showed me the door and said go apply for SSI and good luck. No retirement none of the benefits that come with that. I fought to stay in and actually hid some of my symptoms so I could stay, but here we are. I hope I can help out as much as I ask for it here. I'll see you all on the forums take care
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