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    Hello From Michigan

    Hello Everyone, I am joining this site for the comradere as well as the knowledge. I was in the Marines from 2004-2008 2nd BN 1st Marines with 2 middle east deployments and one to Japan (boring). I was one of the guys who got out of the military and since I had all body parts I figured I would never seek help from the VA. After deployments I did change and even went through a divorce due to being a different person. I sought help while in Japan for it and once I left the military I never looked back. I few years later it started to affect me and I went in for help and to file for PTSD. I was denied and lost hope with the VA. A few more years pass and it gets worse and I make the crisis line call to seek help and start going to see a counsleor and social worker at the VA. I am a combat vet and I applied for benefits through the VA for PTSD and was denied and from what it says on my denial letter since my last post deployment assessment says I was not experiencing any issues ( the exam that everyone is told not to be honest with or you will get looked at wrong and possibly lose your clearance) so they said my PTSD while diagnosed was not from the military even though while in Japan I was made to go see a psychiatrist for it . I got in touch with the DAV and had them submit an appeal. I blindly followed their advice and it turned out that they opened a new claim for Depression/Anxiety instead of PTSD which was also denied because I did not have supporting medical files. I am turning to everyone here for guidance and to get my ducks in a row so I can file a proper claim on my own. I am rated at 20% for hearing loss and because I hurt my clavicle while in service currently and I have a claim in for bi-lateral knee issues as well as for my ankles. I appreciate any and all help and I look forward to learning as much as I can. Matthew
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    Very good information. I am slowly becoming familiar with this myself.

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