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  1. I had filed for both PTSD and MDD(secondary). PTSD was denied due to not having an official diagnosis and "only a few symptoms". Would my current VA psychiatrist work or do I need someone outside? Is the denial based on time valid? Back pain was a result of my job(aircraft maintainence). Thanks for the input, ill look up the NOD format and get that started.
  2. I am currently rated 60% for back pain and scars, after I recieved the rating I filed for MDD with sleep disturbances secondary to scoliosis. Here is a copy of the denial: "Veteran suffers from depression and has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder with recurrent episodes. His depression isn't a product of the identified stressor(s). There are no other events which link depression to military service. In fact, there wasn't any treatment for depression in service and treatment and diagnosis didn't occur until 6 years after military service. He had some sleep problems in the service but currently, sleep problems are thought to be a product of his depression and regular pain. Given the interim between the actual diagnosis of depression and military exit, it is difficult to link such depression to his time in the service, as such, his depression appears less likely than not related to military service." This was listed in my record under initial PTSD dbq. Im not sure what to do next, any advice welcome.

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