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  1. Thank you SVR. Is it a good idea to tell my VA therapist about it since I am seeing him for depression and anxiety?
  2. I am a Persian Gulf War vet who has never been to the VA fo anything. I went to my PCP about two months ago because of bad headaches that I thought were migranes but he said that they were headaches. Father's Day week end I had a TIA stroke and as I was reading through the VA's website its states that some vets may expierence some neurological side effects. I filled a claim and I included my migraines as well as the stroke with other conditions. Will they overlook my stroke or will the look at it as a presumed Persion Gulf Illness? I have no high blood pressure, no bad cholesterol, no signs of clotting anywhere. They did find a small pin size hole near my heart. Once I start going to the VA do I have a chance for SC or I'll be waisting my time?
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