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  1. Thanks Pete53. Joe Hillbilly: My degree is in film. john999: That's just it. An undergrad in film basically teaches film history and theory. It's not until graduate level that schools really teach film production and require hands on work. It's like taking an management class then thinking you can run a fortune 100 company. This is a competitive industry and unless I can get lucky and meet the right person to get a foot in, my best chance is to complete my Masters get the experience then work towards teaching. I've got a pretty crabby case manager, so my question is how do I get past her to get what I want? Any suggestions? My experience with the VA has taught me that persistence and patience pays off, and a "No" isn't always the final word.
  2. I've got another year left before I complete my undergrad and since it takes so long for the VA to approve anything, I figured now would be the best time to request approval for my Masters. My question for the forum is, does anyone anyone have advice on how I can either appeal this decision or get another VA case manager to approve my request? I didn't submit a formal request. This communication was an email inquiry. I moved to the UK back in December 2013 and my Ch. 31 was sent to Pittsburgh. I had fairly decent communication with my previous case manager, but my new manager doesn't seem to be the most amiable person on the planet. Thanks.
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