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  1. Hey guys, I need a little advice. I got a letter from the VA asking me if I want to fight my 10% drop in my claim for my lower back. If I fight this does it open up my entire medical record claim to be reviewed? The VA is over an hour from my house and I just can't afford to take the time off from work to do another entire evaluation of my medical claims! When I did this the first time it was approx a dozen visits to the doctor.
  2. Hey guys this is my first post so I hope I have it in the right area :) I was rated at 80% and in March I got a letter saying I scheduled an appointment for my back and that I had an appointment. I never asked the VA for an appointment, so I called up the office and told them I didn't request and appointment. I got transferred all around the hospital and after an hour of so I got disconnected and forgot to call back the next day. Today I got a letter saying they are dropping one of my claims to 0 percent "Thoracolumber spine". Now im worried that if I fight this they are going to reopen all of my medical cases and make me come in for all these tests like they did the first time. Info on my disabilities. My back is still injured but I switched my profession to a desk job so I didn't keep aggravating my back. I require no doctors appointments because I changed my lifestyle, but if I do lift something heavy or bend my back too far it starts to hurt again. Basically i'm asking if I fight the VA on this 10% drop now are they going to force me to drive to the VA over an hour away a million time to get all of my other claims reevaluated.
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