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  1. All, I just viewed my ebennies award letter and it has me rated at 60%, but it has the two below lines which make me wonder if they have already scheduled me for an automatic reduction in 5 years. Is this right or just standard boiler plate text? You are not considered to be permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities because your case is scheduled for review on: December 01, 2019 Include the information in this You are not considered to be permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities at this time because you are scheduled for a future reduction in rating on: December 01, 2019
  2. Good morning all. My status jumped to "preparation for notification" two days ago. I called my VSO on file (VFW) and they said in the system it showed my service connection was granted at 60%. My question is since the claim is not in the "completed" phase is there a chance that what the VSO saw in the system could be wrong? I guess I won't trust it is complete until I see the letter in ebennies.
  3. Hello all, and let me say Semper Fi to all the marines out there. Long story short I went to the VA and had a ptsd intake interview. He said I scored a 77out of 83 so he scheduled me to see one of the VA psychiatrist. Plus for the last 11years I have been on ambien in order to sleep otherwise I won't sleep. Long story for another time. My question is, when I saw the shrink all we did is talk about how bad Muslims were and prepping. I thought at first he was trying to read me but not sure. Plus he took phone calls and talked to people that walked in the room. Then he put two scripts in the system and that was it. I thought I was supposed to be getting help but we didn't talk about anything. Maybe I don't understand the process.
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