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  1. No it did not, the tech said thats another test they will probely have me do.
  2. I plan on making sure that I don't get the, its nothing from the Doc. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Vync, Thanks for the welcome, I am waiting for my PFT report from the va, the notes on "myhealhevet" state that Expiratory flow is within normal limits based on FEV1/FVC. Lung volumes are 130% predicted based on TLC. One breath carbon monoxide diffusion capacity is within normal limits. Spirometry airflow loops are otherwise within normal limits. So with what appears good lungs, i'm a little concerned. I have shortness of breath with activity, yet my lungs are fine. I know it is not the final, and that I need to make sure that i get this figured out instead of allowing it to be swept under the rug.
  4. Sorry if in the wrong forum, my intent is to discuss this with fellow vets who are fighting the V>A> on this same issue as me, may be pushing a claim at them for this.
  5. Had X rays done, they show hyperinflation with flattening of the diaphragms, heart is normal, pulmonary vessels unremarkable, clear lungs, interstitial markings are slightly prominent, no gross pleural reaction seen, early changes are detected in the lower dorsal segment. PCP, says lungs are only slightly hyper inflated, possible obstructive pulmonary condition. Pulmonary function test comes back that my lungs are fine. Iraq, carpenter/mason, balad, Abbu ghraib, biop Afghanistan, route clerance, Khost and surrounding. Has any one else delt with this, what would you recamend from here? Thanks
  6. Any one have shortness of breath with general labor, nothing real heavy? I had an X-ray done as well as a pulmonary function test. The X-rays report is, Lungs are hyper inflated with flattening of the diaphragms. Heart size is normal. Pulmonary vessels are unremarkable. Lungs are clear, Interstitial markings are slightly prominent. No gross pleural reaction is seen. Early changes are detected in the lower dorsal segment. My PCP, states mild hyperinflation, possible OPD issues, waiting on PFT results. PFT results are that im good according to there test, waiting on them to send records to me. 35 years old, used to smoke, quit 5 years ago, except for one here and there. Did vertical construction in Abu Ghraid, BIOP, Anaconda Iraq and Route Clearance is Eastern Afghanistan. Thanks
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