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  1. Hi all my Brother In Law just received 100% Temp, he put in his claim for knee scope on 5/11/2015 and was completed on 6/4/2015.He is 50% his AB8 states $3178.00 was getting $976.00. Question will he get the difference, they put his effective date as 6/1/2015 his Doctor stated 4 months to recover.

  2. Hi Dtown me again A Knee Strain is a tear I fell down last month went to E.R. did X ray DR. stated this in his REPORT: Knee Sprain -You have a knee sprain, Sprains are painful injuries to the joints. A sprain is Partial or Complete tearing in Ligaments. Ligaments are tough ,fibrous tissues that hold bones together at the joints. A strain(sprain)has occurred when a ligament is stretched or damaged. This injury may take several weeks to heal. This is often the same length of time as a bone fracture(break in bone)takes to heal. Even though a fracture (bone break)may not have occurred the recovery times may be similar.

    Note To You: This was first discovered on a MRI in 2004 by my Private DR. and it is still present today and I have a Complete Tear, the V.A. should not have reduced your rating, some one is gonna chime in but I think you can file a NOD.

  3. Hi Dtown my knees are like yours right knee injured in service putting weight on left knee fell in 1999 left knee had a broken bone surgery( sorry bout rambling)

    Here is my breakdown Right Knee 10% Arthritis 30% instability- Left Knee 10% Arthritis.

    But got this Granted by BVA this year : Left knee was never compensated in 2007 after 100% Temp ,Broken Tibia, Plate with 8 Screws ( EED) 1999 to present ,2007 to present that's right two EED.

    Right knee facing Total knee Replacement 1996 to present

    Right thumb Frost bitten 0% increase pending (EED)1999 to present

    TDIU (EED)1993 to present

    Thanks to this BOARD for it's Fighters and Wisdom.

  4. Thanks ASKNOD you are so right don't be stressed I use to worry and get mad but like you said pretend its a game of tennis. The CAVC did a final decision on my left tibia they called out the r.o. on a surgery I had in 2007 after my temp 100% they never gave me a increase. On my right knee its so bad I am facing knee replacement this year,on my right hand/thumb it was frost bitten v.a. doc sais it was they say it was because I played basketball in service, but I played in high school injured free , TDIU this is funny to like you said keep (smiling) SSA said I am Unemployable since 1993, My Private doc sent notes saying I am not workable,my v.a. doc said 3/5/2015 I am not workable period .So it was Deferred. Just waiting on them to send me to a ortho doc for a exam. Good Luck ASKNOD I pray that Writ works for you no one should have to go thru Appeals like this.

  5. Thank you but before I continue let me say it is a Honor to be on board with some of the most Greatest Advocates of my time ,they Remanded the following Right Knee 1995,Left Knee 1999, Right Thumb 1999, TDIU Deferred until exams. As you can see I never gave up on these cause I know I have them dead to right and SSI Judge said that I am Unemployable since 1993 because of my Knees and right thumb/hand that was injured in Army/Service in 1983.

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