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  1. This now seems to be my mistake as I claimed the TBI and the symptoms accompanying the TBI however I was rated as Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was not Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. TBI related ratings are at 40, 70, and a 100 as I recall from my research but I was rated only 50% for the TSD. I don't understand why it just wouldn't be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or just rated at the TBI ratings.
  2. I was rated at 50% service connected Traumatic Stress Disorder after a severe TBI injury in which I was assaulted with a blunt object knocking me unconscious for several minutes. It was really bad and my head had a severe contusing and I still have the scarring to this day. Since I have been having progressively diminution cognitive issues as well as migraines and more recently been diagnosed to be bipolar which I had no issues before the incident. However, my confusion comes at why I was rate as a Traumatic Stress Disorder and not Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Like they essentially are the same thing and the symptoms did not occur until after the incident meaning that it is "Post." This is extremely confusing to me as I have no explanation as to why. I can't even find anything in the Schedule Rating documentation. I really would like read up on it but I cannot. Please shed some light if you can.
  3. My claim results are in and I was rated 80% which I feel is an injustice especially with my TBI only being rated 40%. I have severe cognitive disorders resulting from it and it has really affected my life adversely. I was able to an accredited University within 2 and a half years with a Computer Science degree pre-TBI and I flunked out of graduate school post-TBI within the first year. I was only able to pass one class with a C and that was given to me because of my ability to concentrate or retain information. I have a problem learning now and I forget things so often that it is frightening. I have a significant amount of assistance from relatives and friends in aiding me through basic daily activities. I'm not mentally ill but there's a problem going on that I have yet to get diagnosed that was only present after the TBI. I withdrew my PTSD claim which I regret because I didn't fully understand the definition of it as I was persuaded to withdraw it. Additionally, I was rated 0% for the cataract and my appointment was scheduled at the last possible time of the day and the doctor was super late and rushed the exam. I was only in the exam for about two minutes before he ran off. My eye exam wasn't professional at all as I was squinting and I was given multiple guesses for each line. I didn't know the criteria for ratings and if I did I wouldn't have attempted so hard to see the letters. Night driving is almost impossible at times. This is insane how I wouldn't be rated anything that clearly affects my everyday life. Tuberculosis, I could sort of understand as there are little residuals from my treatment but the exposure alone should warrant 30% especially having to receive a chest x-ray for every illness which is pretty expensive as it adds up. I will be reopening this claim and requesting increases on the TBI and Cataract as well as adding other conditions I didn't add because I wanted my claim to decide faster. Other conditions I will be claiming are Erectile Dys., Migraines, and Athletes Foot(possibly), as well as possibly Staph because I've gotten it at least 5 times a year since I was onboard my first ship. ANY ADVICE WOULD BE HELPFUL YOU GUYS. eczema60%Service Connected 02/03/2014tuberculosis10%Service Connected 02/03/2014traumatic stress disorder (TBI)40%Service Connected 02/03/2014post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Not Service ConnectedPTSD - Non-Combat cataracts, bilateral0%Service Connected 02/03/2014
  4. I am awaiting a decision now as it is pending. I claimed cataract in my left eye and my C&P examiner confirmed this while also finding it in my right eye as well so I submitted an additional claim for the right eye. It is hard for me to understand the cataract rating but from what I see I should get 30%. Being that I have it both eyes now at a 50% level, would I still only get 30% or would that increase?
  5. When I was active duty Navy I was exposed to Tuberculosis, not sure how but I was diagnosed on deployment aboard a Destroyer. I became very ill and was medevac'd from the ship and the remaining onboard were quarantined for a few days until I made it back stateside to be examined. Upon examining, it was found to be that I was exposed to Tuberculosis and it was in a latent stage. I remained sick for about another month which basically felt like the flu and I had this chronic cough that lasted for about three months. I was prescribed Albuterol to treat the cough and I was giving antibiotics and B6 to take for 6-9 months. I completed treatment. On my second deployment, I was forced to take the Smallpox vaccination. I attempted by all means to resist it but I was threatened with NJP so of course this persuaded me to allow it. Literally, a day later my skin wen to absolute crap. It was disgusting and it was being told to me that it was just results of the vaccination. Okay fine, even though no one else on the ship had any symptoms to my effect. I toughed it out for a few weeks but it didn't get any better so they started trying to diagnose it because it wasn't normal. They didn't really know what it was so they gave me Prednisone to treat it and to my pleasure... IT WORKED!!! But only for a few days, symptoms would come back which was annoying. So they continued giving me shots and then ultimately gave me oral steroids to take. Deployment ended and I went to seek medical assistance from a private physician because the military health facilities were not working. They diagnosed me with pityriasis rosea which I wasn't too confident as well. I received a Skin Biopic from my private dermatologist and they diagnosed me with Eczema and I have been using triamcinolone for the last 8 years and if I don't, after a few days my skin goes crazy and it has hit every part of body except for feet. With the triamcinolone I'm fine however. Upon separating from the military during my Medical outprocessing I was diagnosed with cataract in my left eye. I was 22 at the time so they advised me that it was rare for my age as it was not inherited and I do not have diabetes. I didn't think anything of it as my vision was okay... but not great. So I've started my claim a little over five months ago. I started my first round of appointments yesterday and when I went to the C&P Optometry contracted physician he confirmed the cataract. To my dismay, he then found cataract in my right eye as well... both at about 50 percent. This shocked me because I had no idea it had spread. He then asked have I taken Prednisone shots or other steroid shots in which I acknowledged while giving him a background. He assured me he was going to document it and submit it to the VA and seemed very supportive and caring, which was a pleasant surprise after reading up on some many other stories on here. I do suffer from blurry vision, double vision, and difficulty driving at night but I never really thought much of it in terms of a rating. In conclusion, is there any rating for being exposed to Tuberculosis? I know have to receive chest scans every time I go to the hospital which is very expensive because a PPD will be positive as I am a carrier. Also, what can I expect in terms of Eczema and Cataract in both eyes? Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.
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