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  1. ptsd Smc Commendation

    Thanks a lot for all the wisdom! I'm still a little reluctant to file, do to the fact that I plan to request P&T before my reevaluation on 2018. On another note I failed to mention that I have diagnosis of ED and Hypogonadism since 2009 as well. I do not know if that makes a difference on filling for SMC. Again thanks a lot for the information, I'm pretty new to all this.
  2. Hello to All, I was recently informed about this great website and I have to say you guys do great work assisting us Veterans. I have some questions and I hope you guys can give me some recommendations. So I am 100% Scheduler with the following service connections. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 60% Since 2013 PTSD 50% Since 2009 Chronic Headaches 50% Since 2013 Sleep Apnea 50% Since 2009 Lumbar Strain 40% Since 2013 Ulnar Neuropathy Right Elbow 10% Since 2009 Ulnar Neuropathy Left Elbow 10% Since 2009 Bilateral Tinnitus 10% Since 2009 Should I be receiving SMC? And which one? Should I file or should I not even rock the boat? Thanks in advance for your assistance.