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  1. Hello all, United States Marine Corps veteran here OIF with 2/7 in Twentynine Palms. Been lurking around this site for a long time, reading posts and getting information to help me navigate this insane Veterans Affairs system. I've had some success and a lot of failures in the form of denials, appeals and the like. We all know what that's about. I recently started a petition though to my congressman about changing the bilateral math system used by the VA to rate disabilities. It would be great to have this get some backing from some of you influential members and to reach out to the world through any social media you use. Would love to chat with you guys, and thank you all for your posts and information, it makes a huge impact on a confused veteran. the petition: https://www.change.org/p/jim-costa-change-the-bilateral-math-system-used-by-the-department-of-veterans-affairs-for-ratings?recruiter=482600322&utm_source=share_for_starters&utm_medium=copyLink
  2. Ok, So I was paid the full 100% amount plus my special monthly compensation amounts in the tune of a little over 3600 on Friday. Hopefully this stays the same.
  3. Question: is there a reason why my Benefits Summary Letter would list me at 100 percent with the appropriate pay amount for that rating but simultaneously ebenefits shows combined rating at 90 percent? Background: I am a recent BKA amputee, filed for increased compensation and also for IU. Received letter from VA stating that they had increased rating to 90 percent, denied a few contentions and denied IU. I was at a doctors appointment for my wound care and the nurse asked me when I was rated at 100 percent to which Inhad no answer. So I came home and printed a Benefits Summary Letter which states that I am rated and paid at 100 percent. The first payment under this rating increase will be, or should be, this Friday the 31st. I'm a little confused about this, granted all of this would be a blessing for me. The only other thing I could add that might have relevance is that I rate 3 special monthly compensations as well. I don't know wether or not that would have any bearing on any of this. I'm assuming that it's definitely not IU because I received the denial letter and no other award letter(s) describing this. By the way the denial for IU was very nasty, stating very bluntly that what I'm being paid is considered fair compensation and an undertone of "you should be ashamed for considering yourself eligible" Any help or insight would be appreciated.
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