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  1. Again the help and response is much appreciated. So the story goes.... Originally I had contacted the Bakersfield DAV for assistance, they never picked up their phones and when I finally did get ahold of them they had me fill out a POA and send in my denial info. I noticed on my eBenefits they did file the POA, so when I called to follow up rand into the same issue...never picked up the Phone or returned my messages/emails. Next I contacted Kern County Veterans Service Department they did answer their phones and I set up an appointment, the VSO I initially met with didn't even review my evidence or address any of the questions I had he simply said I need "IMO/nexus" letters. I did the leg work and had my doctors write them for me and scheduled a follow up, and ended up driving two hours to get assistance. That's what I posted above. I have had positive experiences with a couple VSO's but decided to do what you recommended and go it alone. I retained an attorney and sent in paperwork a few weeks ago for him to represent me at the DVA board however if I can get a favorable rating via de novo review I wont have to give up any of my back pay. I figured I would try this route first and if I wasn't successful then I would still have the attorney?
  2. I just completed my 21-0958, do request the De Novo review within the NOD or does it go on a separate form? Also is it to be sent in with my NOD and evidence? \ Thanks
  3. Thanks USMC_VET. This is my first claim and I'm forced to handle all the paper work myself. I walked into the VSO closest one was in Bakersfield, CA only to be treated like a piece of trash. The VSO was trying to convince me to reopen my claim with new and material evidence stating that if I didn't I would have to wait 7 years to hear anything back, he also looked over my nexus and scoffed stating that my doctor was just "going along with the fact I had PTSD". It wasn't until I got home that I found out if I reopen the claim I would lose almost 2 years back pay by not filing the NOD. I'm thankful that there are people out there willing to help.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I Need to double check this after work but I'm fairly certain I did file the official change of address all the official correspondence has been addressed to me at my new residence and it reads California on my Ebenefits profile. I had actually thought about hand carrying my NOD to the Regional office as Ill be in the area next week anyways?\
  5. Guys need a little help on where to send my NOD. I filed a claim in Jan 13' while I was living in New Mexico. I Moved to California OCT 14 and received a denial Dec 14' Im wondering if I should send my NOD to the Regional Office here in California or back to New Mexico? Also should I send my additional evidence win with my NOD or wait until I get a response from the regional office? Thanks
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