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  1. Thanks much!! I think right after my suprapubic is placed, I will do just that. File for the neurogenic bowel/ileostomy, the suprapubic and increase pain which they can't find a drug that will control it. I suspect they may connect but if they don't calculate the SMC correctly, I'll appeal. One last question - you've been so much help and encouraging, do you know how the VA defines paralysis in the clause for SMC O? (2)Paraplegia. Paralysis of both lower extremities together with loss of anal and bladder sphincter control will entitle to the maximum rate under 38 U.S.C. 1114(o), throug
  2. Thanks for the clarification Buck52. It sounds like I was low balled on SMC. I require assistance to dress/undress, bathing/showering, Passive ROM, preparing meals which I must eat 6-8 small meals a day due to slow stomach emptying (I'm told by my doctor this is related to SCI). I have an ileostomy that came off recently at night and I was covered with muck. My husband was working nights and I had to wait 2 hours for him to get home to clean me up. I eat independently but require special utensils because of my hand weakness. My medications (way too many in my book) are set up by a home he
  3. Thanks Buck52 but I'm somewhat confused. I thought aid & attendance was the SMC I receive...I am classified as SMC M. I may be misunderstanding terminology?? Is aid and attendance something entirely different. I also don't understand why I wasn't assigned an SMC of O (paralysis with loss of both sphincter control) or do they only look at paralysis if you are a complete versus incomplete SCI patient? And how would the 100% for suprapubic and 100% for neurogenic bowel w/ileostomy & colectomy play into things if granted. (I believe those are both rated at 100% from the regs I loo
  4. Thanks vetquest! I am rated an M for SMC - is aid and attendance a separate thing? I definitely need it. I am receiving some help from the standard medical package (Homehealth/Homemaker) but it is not near enough. I need help with my morning routine and my nightly routine along with additional things like PROM, FES hook up, and the homemaking. My husband is definitely becoming over taxed (he is 60). We would consider him retiring early but don't have enough trust in the VA to do that.
  5. My original decision is attached. I posted later regarding the lack of connection for my neurogenic bowel (ileostomy with colectomy). My VSO advised me not to rock the boat since my STRs didn't have any neck documentation. That was dealt with in the IMO I submitted and was successful in getting the neck connected and the cascade with it. My health has been up and down and I have not gotten around to filing for the neurogenic bowel. We're in the process of the Specially Adapted Housing grant right now...long process to get bid from contractor but not complaining at all!! Feel blessed to hav
  6. broncovet - thanks for the info. Both #1 and #2 are what prompted me to look further into this. My husband has been my wonderful caretaker for 15 years and he deserves everything he can get should I die before him. I've only been service connected since 2015 so I still have 7 years to get to that 10 year mark. I have an SMC of M. I'm kind of a control freak so going through my VSO was tough because they don't always want to share and share info alike But she calmed me multiple times and truly did do a great job, even though she scared me a bit about them coming back and taking a close
  7. Berta, My SMC confusion. SMC's Pasted below. They did rate the upper extremity with loss of use of hand because it's my K. I have extremely degenerative shoulders (R worse than left) with partial rotator cuff tears from using a manual wheelchair and using loft-strand crutches. I thought I was mostly walking with my legs but was actually walking with my shoulders. Unfortunately nobody warned me about preservation of upper extremities. (It was not the VA - they are the ones that educated me on it but too late by then). We don't believe the loss of function getting worse in my right
  8. Thanks Berta. Regarding my right extremity...both are actually going..hand and shoulder. I have to use special silverware to eat because my grip is minimal and I can't raise my arm above 60 degrees. Also, interesting to me is that we the original claim was filed, it included neurogenic bowel (ileostomy and colectomy) which was of course denied because they didn't connect the neck. When the NOD was file, nothing was put in about the bowel which it should have been included. That is the one that is really eating at me. toomnyhats
  9. Thanks for all the information Berta! My VSO is the one that told me that. She said they could go back and reverse their decision. I don't understand that because from what I read, since I have 100% rating for loss of use of legs, don't I fall under the "5 year protection" where they can only reduce or reverse if there is clear evidence of improvement (that's not going to happen..been like this since 2003 and just getting worse). I'm also 56 years old and I read that they look at 55 as the age where it would be difficult to make a living with a veteran's disabilities if they are high enoug
  10. I have a few separate questions. I was granted 100% P&T, no exams required, along with the rest of the benefits (Chapter 35, Commisary, etc) based on cervical neck aggravation in service. We discovered later after discharge that I have a narrow spinal canal, I am now an incomplete tetraplegic with some remaining function in my left arm and not much in my right. They granted 20% for neck with the following secondaries: 100% loss of use of legs, 70% Right Arm w/loss of use, 30% on left arm radiculopathy. I also have an independent 60% on bladder granted almost immediately after filing
  11. Great idea! I did that with my DD214 when I first got out of service. Peace of mind. Thanks! toomnyhats
  12. Thanks Buck! I got an M + a K which resulted in the amounted shown. Since our youngest just graduated it will go down slightly but I encouraged her to start going for her Masters in enough time to beat the 26 year age limit. She turn 22 in July. 1. Getting something from the evidence intake center today - not sure what that is (I have informed delivery so I can peek ahead) Maybe that's the "coding sheet") 2) Good idea...hadn't thought about the envelopes 3) Scanned it all in my computer and hard copy to go in our fireproof/waterproof safe 4) Check √ 5) Check √ C
  13. Yay! Finally got the envelope. I've attached the redacted version for any input, advise or comments. Your experience is valued!! Thanks! toomnyhats toomnyhatsRedacted.pdf
  14. Holllie Greene - I totally agree with you and now that is has sunk in, I know that we'll have forms and paperwork to do but I'm feeling much more like everything will fall into place. I spoke with my PVA rep and we most likely won't pursue the neurogenic bowel because we don't want them to start questioning anything else. Mine was a complicated case because the aggravation started in service but because cervical degeneration comes on slow, as my IMO doctor pointed out, he would not expect me to seek treatment other than home remedies, thus nothing in str. He laid the entire case out very w
  15. I believe it is an M or M-1/2 based on amount awarded. I don't have my packet yet. But once we connect the neurogenic bowel, I believe it will go up to O. In the meantime, while I've been waiting for my claim, for the last 2 years, I've had home care by contracted providers under the basic non service connected health care benefits. Can I keep those even though I'm now 100% P&T with an SMC assigned. I would like to keep those services and supplement by hiring additional help. Sorry to be so confusing :/ Thanks for you help! toomnyhats
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