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  1. I am having an ongoing fight with VA over TBI as well. My story is actually pretty embarrassing. Back in 2007, I was at drill weekend and for PT s bunch of us decided to play football. Everything was fine, and we were all having a great time. At some point in the game our quarterback threw a pass which I leapt in the air to grab. As I was coming down one of my fellow NCO's slammed into me, causing my neck to snap back and my head smash into the ground. I'm not sure if I was knocked out or not, but I was majorly concussed. I laid on the field for a while, got up and stumbled around. My vision was blurry. I had a headache that was unlike anything I had ever experienced. A female NCO took me to the Clinic on post, and she receptionist turned me away because I did not have an ID card. I had an NCO with me, in BDU's (I'm in PT's) but because I had left my ID in my car, I was told to leave. I went into my car and sat there until my vision cleared up enough to drive home, and called my platoon sergeant. He told me just to take the day off. I got home, took a shower, and laid on the couch, then I passed out. I guess I slept for like 3 hours. I've never been the same since. My Military career was derailed. I had just been accepted as a Warrant Officer and was scheduled to attend the 250N Course. I never made it. I have a hard time articulating, I am moody, I can't sleep. And the migraines...oh my god. I get them all the time, I can't see when I get them, the pain is unbearable. I am on Lamictal which is anti-seizure to hold them back to once or twice a week. VA treats me for it, but denies my claim saying its not "service connected". Even though, it happened during training, and I was turned away from urgent care which is by definition medical malpractice (Head and Heart issues have to be addressed by a hospital). I have several statements from witnesses stating what happened. A Colonel called me at my unit, and apologized profusely for the incident. The woman was fired, Yet all this, medical bills and marital problems; employment issues, all stemming from this incident...VA says it isn't service connected. I just finally grabbed a lawyer. I suggest everyone else do the same.
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