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  1. Is Insomnia rated together with PTSD or is it separate from PTSD or separate from Mental Health
  2. I would like to read some arguments against the denial of the CareGiver program.
  3. I am in the process of opening several claims that were denied more than one year ago and I never appealed the denials. What would be the process that I need to follow in order to re-open the claims. Thank you.
  4. I am 100% Permanent and Total as follows: 100% for COPD 100% for Prostate cancer 70% for PTSD 60% for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 40% for fibromyalgia 30% for Irritable syndrome Others to include bone fractures, hearing loss, tinnitus I have SMC K and SMC S I am 81 years old I am trying to get Aid and Attendance via a Special Monthly Compensation. Do you have any ideas that may help me? Thanks.
  5. Menieres disease was ruled out. I went through several ENT tests at the VA and it was determined that I might not have anything in my ears. I do have SC with CFS, (60) FMS (40) and PTSD (30). The VA Neurologist is sending me to an MRI to determine if there is something inside but not within the ears but rather outside. I have been doing research about dizziness, vertigo as secondary to CFS, FMS and PTSD, all service connected. Thank you.
  6. Can anyone tell me if they have been rated for dizziness and vertigo secondary to FMS, CFS and PTSD
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