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  1. Thank you for the insight! It really took me by surprise, and knowing that the VA bases claims differently, i was not certain ho much of an impact this ould be.
  2. Greetings. Got good help here before, back for more! Got my rating for ptsd last year at 50%. Wasnt happy with it for a wide variety of reasons. Anyways, left it alone for a while until i logged onto my ebenefits, and found they listed my ptsd as "noncombat" related. Problem is everything stemmed from my involvement with the iraqi invasion (oif1). I told docs this through c&p process, had outside evidence and support. After this discovery, i met with my VSO and explaind my discontent and confusion why i was rated noncombat. She tells me that i need to have a CIB or CAB on my record. I told her that i was Artillery, and you dont get a CIB unless you are infantry. As for the CAB, it came out in 2005, and i ETSd in 2004, after serving in iraq in 2003. Thataward didnt even exist. She tells me its a grey area and that being rated noncombat vs combat doesnt effect anything. Is this true? Why does it bother me so much? I would assume that benefits vary for combat to noncombat. How do i go about correcting this?
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