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  1. My question is I have 10% service connection for arthritis in my elbow, From day one I have complained of numbness and tingling I finally seen a rivate dr and had a nerve study done and just as i thought I have nerve damage my dr wants to do surgery. So if I have a service connection for my elbow can i receive temporary 100% if I have the surgery or does it need to be on what I'm having surgery for?
  2. Outstanding thanks a lot and yes it's a BVA hearing
  3. Thanks this very helpful.. since you are so full of knowledge hope you don't mind if I ask another question? I've had a claim that has been appealed several times now I'm waiting on a hearing now for my lower back and right shoulder the reason they have denied me is because I didn't complain about it hurting me till 5 years after my discharge my reason for that was I wasn't an Infantrymen to complain plus the pain wasn't unbearable until it had worsened some years later I had a spinal fusion done in late March of 2015 and now have a plate 4 screws and 2 rods in my lower back. And I had shoulder surgery in 2006 to repair the damage in there. Anything you can tell me to help with the outcome of myhearing when I finally get it
  4. Yes it is to decompress the nerve I have an open claim on the nerve damage just haven't heard anything in some time now. I'm trying to wait itout as long as possible but my Dr is riding me hard about it.. ivI've also heard horor stories of people getting this surgery and it being a lot worse afterwards have you heard this?

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