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    New member here. Former Army (11B1P), currently at 80% SC after a nearly 16-year battle and still fighting with the VA. I was initially denied a diagnosis of PTSD, but later found out 2 years after the fact that I had been later diagnosed and service-connected. Too late for retro they said. Funny how we have a time limit to recoup lost earnings, yet they can come after us for the rest of our lives in the event of an overpayment. I've also been diagnosed, yet not service-connected, with: TBI, Gulf War Exposure, Radiation Exposure, and Asbestos Exposure. I was informed a few weeks ago that although I qualify for 100% (the temporary version), I'm ineligible because I worked last year (I had been released from prison under a work-release program... you either work or go to jail, so it didn't matter what the previous employment situation was). Everything kind of piled up a few days after I found out about the ineligibility and the diagnoses (I wasn't even aware of them, let alone that it's possible to have NON SERVICE CONNECTED Gulf War Exposure whatever that means). Wound up in a dark place emotionally and called the hotline. It went to voicemail. Fortunately I wasn't very motivated do to anything more than just vent, cuss, and sob for awhile. Anyway, I found this place and now I'm here. I don't know how useful I'll be or even how much I'll participate, but thanks for having me.

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