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  1. First, the VA National Formulary is basically for show. I am in my third state (MI, GA, and FL) and none of them have all of the medication listed in the national formulary. I have yet to find anyone who can direct me to the established formulary for the state. I will say the VA in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was quite good, especially when compared to the Atlanta VA (mental health was great; everything else was dreadful) and Orlando VA. Today I was informed that Wellbutrin is not on the formulary and they only have bupropion. Bupropion does not work for me; Wellbutrin does. When I explained that the psychiatrist in Atlanta faxed the prescription to Express Scripts (Tricare) I was informed that in Florida they cannot do that. Seriously?!? The psychiatrist is unable to write a prescription on a prescription pad and fax that to Express Scripts?!?!? The impression I was given is that it is "not in their job description." To say I am frustrated is an understatement. I will attempt to get it through with the paperwork listed above. Should that fail, I will be consulting a VA accredited attorney to assist. I understand that the VA was grossly under-funded for decades, though there seems to be no concern for the veterans they are charged with treating with the more funding. It is a sad statement on how little veterans are actually valued. Sounds like it is time to mandate military service for everyone so that all Americans understand and experience the sacrifices made for their freedoms!

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