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  1. I was actually shocked to find that report on the traffic accident in the electronic documents search through the ebenefits site. I had never seen that paperwork and was never given a copy of it. Finding that has just made me more aggressive in finding anything and everything else that can be used to connect and support the claim. I definately have medical history since I have been out, I was frustrated to find out that I could not be seen by the VA until I actually have an approved claim. So in the meantime I will continue to connect the dots. I am fortunate that I have a good CV
  2. This is actually an interesting article as I was involved in a traffic accident while on duty in the military. I have recently started the process for filing a claim and am finding that the traffic accident has a lot of conditions attached to it. PTSD, TBI, Migraine, Wrist and Arm injury, and possibly the connection of Sleep apnea as a secondary. I was fortunate that I found the documentation about the accident and can show it was on duty. Problem is that I did not report that incident on my ETS and have gone almost 20 years living with my issues. I am optimistic and enjoy seeing anything
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