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  1. I was actually shocked to find that report on the traffic accident in the electronic documents search through the ebenefits site. I had never seen that paperwork and was never given a copy of it. Finding that has just made me more aggressive in finding anything and everything else that can be used to connect and support the claim. I definately have medical history since I have been out, I was frustrated to find out that I could not be seen by the VA until I actually have an approved claim. So in the meantime I will continue to connect the dots. I am fortunate that I have a good CVSO working with me and several friends that are going through the process or have been awarded benefits walking me through the collection of information. I know it will be an uphill battle, and there will be setbacks.
  2. This is actually an interesting article as I was involved in a traffic accident while on duty in the military. I have recently started the process for filing a claim and am finding that the traffic accident has a lot of conditions attached to it. PTSD, TBI, Migraine, Wrist and Arm injury, and possibly the connection of Sleep apnea as a secondary. I was fortunate that I found the documentation about the accident and can show it was on duty. Problem is that I did not report that incident on my ETS and have gone almost 20 years living with my issues. I am optimistic and enjoy seeing anything that supports the connection of various issues to one traffic accident. Just waiting on my complete medical records to get here in the next month to see what they actually have in the file that I can use to support these items in my claim.
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