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  1. Ok....I guess my attorney filed a notice of disagreement or maybe reconsideration to Oklahoma. I don't understand most of this and my attorney said that it was waiting to go before a Veterans Law Judge....sorry I am not well versed in this at all.
  2. I am sorry; I had filed by myself from 2004- to 2012.....then I got an attorney...he wrote a brief I guess that got the RO in Oklahoma to change their decision. Then after that filed with the board April 2014. Is that better?
  3. Hello, Thank you for reading. I will do my very best to explain this. I have an attorney that got me 100% SC PT; the effective date was November 2012 till well now; it is ongoing is what I mean. He also filed something with the Board called a CUE for earlier effective date to when I first filed in Florida in 2004. This April 2016 it will be 2 years I have been waiting. I am running rather inpatient because I don't understand the process the way I would like. I went to the Board webiste on VA.GOV and it states this, " Currently, the Board is generally distributing cases to Veterans Law Judges for adjudication with docket dates up to October 2013. " But 3 months ago it said that too and I dont know what it means; I also don't understand what is taking so long. Had the other VA regional offices done this right the first time then WE would not be here today. So, can anyone help please?
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