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  1. Yes, ptsd has been documented in my medical records.. My stressor was verified at the C&P However, the C&P stated I had all symptoms but did not have PTSD.. My VSO explained because this happen at the C&P because it wasn't noted in my VA records at that time. Now my VA Dermatologist has not been very helpful to me. He prescribed me steriod cream for my Virtiligo but said there's really nothing he could to about it.. I did have a C&P Exam for the Arthritis and the Virtiligo. The Dr. noted the Vitiligo was due to exposures in the Gulf and Sun exposure.while being there. She also said my Arthritis was also caused by my service in the Marines due to carrying ALICE pack, filling sandbags, and loading and unloading trucks (My MOS was Motor T) Thank you Berta for the info!!!!
  2. Hello, I'm new to this site and this is my first post.. My question is how many members of the Gulf War or any War for that matter got the skin condition Vitiligo during or after deployment??? If so has anyone won benefits for this condition? I have had this since I was deployed back in 91 however I blew it off and didn't think nothing of it because it started with two small patches.. Over the years after my deployment is has spread all over my body. My VA doctor said it is a autoimmune disease and could be the cause of my arthritus which is getting worse by the day.. I'm certain this had something to do with my deployment, but the VA doesn't seem to think so they stated in my denial letter there were no cases of Gulf War Vets getting this condition??? I find it hard to believe.. I currently filed a reconsideration for this condition and for PTSD and Arthritus. After the reconsideration was denied Instead appealing I refiled for PTSD only. It was denied because the diagnosis was not documented in my medical records and has since been corrected.. Then a few weeks ago I noticed all of the prior conditions filed for the first claim were added to the second claim of PTSD only... Man this whole process in confusing... Thanks in advance..

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