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  1. I filed for them to reopen my TBI claim a few months ago. I have been seen for my C&P and have been awaiting my decision when it went back to gathering evidence. I called and they said they are waiting for an "explanation of diagnosis". Today I logged onto myhealthyvet and seen where the provider submitted responses to their questions. A little back ground. In 1994 I was involved in a car accident where I was knocked out for a few seconds. On my entrance exam this was noted throughly. I didn't have any issues from this accident except a broken arm and headaches. I joined and served 15 years from 2000-2015. In 2007 I was involved in an accident in Iraq where manuveurin a WADI in was thrown into the roof of my Hemit twice. I did not lose conciousness but I saw black, ringing in my ears (which I still have), mental confusion for several days. I never was checked out during deployment but the accident was noted. Upon returning to the states my wife noticed many changes about me. Forgetfullness, memory lapses, confusion, I was unable to navigate without a GPS. I then went to a TBI unit and received treatment for 1 year. Fast forward to now, I submitted the claim for the reevaluation of the TBI. (Due to my state, while going thru the med board process I was unable to keep up and throughly express what I needed to be rated for.) Attached you will see what the doctor wrote back to ebenefits. Please take a look and tell me what you think. I'm so confused by this whole process and I don't understand if this is getting blamed as preexisting or from my service accident. Thanks for the help Screenshot_2016-03-19-00-11-39-1 Screenshot_2016-03-19-00-12-44-1 Screenshot_2016-03-19-00-12-44-1 Screenshot_2016-03-19-00-11-39-1

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