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  1. Yeah Kinda figured it was a pipe dream. I wasnt sure if anyone had seen this happen before or not.
  2. I asked him if he knew why/how they back payed him to deployment and he said he didnt know. He doesnt want to ask questions though for fear of them taking the money back. If it werent for the fact that he showed me his bank account with a $50,000+ transfer from the treasury i would think it was bull shit
  3. I deployed in 2007 to Iraq. Came home and served the remainder of my contract, ets'd, and began claiming disabilities staring with PTSD. I was awarded 50% in 2012. I was given back pay for the 6 or so months that it took from the time i filed the claim until the time they awarded me 50%. Recently, a friend that i served with filed for a TBI that he received during a 2011 deployment. He was awarded 80%. Instead of giving him back pay from the time he filed, he received back pay all the way back to the time of injury. Needless to say the amount was tens of thousands of dollars. Now my question is, is there some way i can have my original rating of 50% back payed from my deployment in 2007 instead of just from the time i filed in 2012?

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