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  1. Ohh okay. No I do not believe I had to appeal it. Just a regular claim!
  2. Thank you shipmate for the quick reply. it was out of Buffalo RO. Question: how could it be out of anything else other than an RO. Just a question. Thank you.
  3. Hello all, First, thank you all for your service! My claim was approved on some contentions and one deferred and two considered not service connected. I was increased from 60 to 70% while the other deferment is in development. My question deals with my award letter stating my increase from 60 to 70% is dated to Nov 1, 2015 and I received the letter today July 18, 2016. Will I receive a back payment for the difference of 60 to 70%(even though SOME of my claim is still in deferment) and if so when can I expect the retro to hit my account? Thank you for any information
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