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  1. Dear Mrs. ALLEN, I have for years tryed to do all asked of me from the V A waco,Texas. I a'm tired of juping throught hoops to try and give the AV Waco,Texas All the info they need to settel my beifts clams,I first file for ptsd,hearring loss both ears,eyesite problem,feet problems,mental problems,malpratice claim for nerve damage during a dentel operation in summer of 1980.at the VA hospital Dallas,Texas. bouth the dallas hospital,and the the VA Waco,Texas say that they dont ave,or can't find any record for the nearly 90 strait day I was an inpatent there at the dallas vamc, I need thouse records to win my claim for copensation,and beniftswould you please help me, I have asked Senator Hutins back in 2 and a half years agofor help, notheing but well look into it for you,after 2 and a half years,I fired her as my POV,. and in april of last year i desoverd record of my Texas national guard duty ,that the va waco said they could not find!. and in april of 2006 asked Senator jhon cornyn for help ,and sent him my POV, and it been a year,and nothing except the same I got form Senator hutins ,Nothing but words. I can't even get lawyer to help. any help at all in what to do!. Thans sincerly,time in service, Dec21st 1967-March21st 1970 Texas Army Natinal Guard,Waxahcie,texas,1985-1989, My discharge phys from1970 sates mental disorder,and gross biladeral hearing loss both ears!. pluse my National guard med records shoe that a heter blue up in ny face,and my have caused more hearing loss and eye site problems? Thanks Sincerly DLC e-mailed to the investagaters ch 4 news on april 28th 2007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CBS 11 Main Headquarters 5233 Bridge Street Fort Worth, TX 76103 Dallas Office 10111 N. Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75231 Main Switchboard: (817) 451-1111 Main Fax: (817) 457-1897 News Tip Hotline: (817) 496-7711 Newsroom Fax: (214) 696-9011
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