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  1. Tbird: Using that calculator I was able to produce a combined rating of 90 percent, which is the rating the VA is paying me at. Before, I could produce a rating of only 80 percent. And, even using this calculator, I initially produced a rounded down rating of 80 percent. But, once I specified the arms and legs, I was able to generate the maximum bilateral factor and thus produce a rounded up rating of 90 percent. Thank you.
  2. Buck: Because ratings are rounded, you're close enough. You may have forgotten to apply the bilateral factor for my lower extremities. Doing that would have brought the total north of 80 but to the south of 85. Thanks, though.
  3. @Gastone: I used Hadit's calculator, and before that, I asked the Virginia DVA to determine my combined rating, and before that, I used the VA's chart. My calculations were same as the Virginia DVA's. Yet, each was different from the VA's. I didn't reveal my combined rating because I wanted to see if someone could reach the same, higher combined rating the VA reached.
  4. Good afternoon, vets:This is my first post. It’s a simple one. What is the combined rating for the following individual ratings: Right hip (limited flexion): 30 percent, effective August 2008 Right hip (limited abduction): 20 percent, effective August 2008 Left hip: 10 percent, effective August 2008 Left knee: 10 percent, effective August 2008 Eczema: 10 percent, effective January 2010 Right shoulder: 20 percent, effective April 2014 Left shoulder: 20 percent, effective April 2014 Left ankle: 20 percent, effective October 2014 Please show how you reached your conclusion. I want to double-check the VA's math, or mine. Thank you.
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