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  1. Thanks all for the continuing flow of information. It always helps to hear everyone elses situation and what they went through so I can predict what I have to possibly endure. Scotty, They only did phase one of my testing as well as they said if they did a methacoline test it could trigger a dangerous asthma attack. It was noted in my records that I had a severe increase in airway function after use of the brochodilater. It will be interesting to see what comes from it. I am not some money hungry thief like unfortunately I've had to witness some people act like, it would just be a blessing if the military covered all the medication I needed to get by in life. Again thanks for the info brother and sister vets. Soldier.
  2. Thank you all for your input. So far I have been to the emergency room 3 times for asthma attacks, I am on a daily inhaler, emergency inhaler, and I have been prescribed prednisone twice. They sent me to "asthma classes" at the post hospital which are very informative I might add. I have asked the doctors numerous times if I can get rid of asthma, their response is, "it's chronic, you will never get rid of it, we just need to try and control it". But for some reason he does not annotate that in the medical records. If asthma is indeed a chronic disease, why do they not put it down on paper? Seems like an injustice to a veteran, it's not my fault the army put me in a place that creates or stirs up this disease, even if it started just 3 or 4 months before I get out, still in my opinion it's not my fault. Now obviously I know my opinion doesn't cut the cake. Just wondering though, if this Benifits Delivery at Discharge thing doesn't work out, I will be at home on Transition Leave for about 46 days until I actually ETS (home is not where I am at now). I will be living right across the street from a VA, there is no Military Post around, so can I go there and establish a medical relationship if all else fails? Again thanks for the advice everyone.
  3. Hello, This is my first post on this site, first of all I think it is wonderful that people take time out of their lives to put together a community where vets can help each other, not for profit, but just to help a brother vet. Good stuff. Now my question. I ETS Sept 1, 2007. I was always one of those guys to "tough" it out and not go to the doctor so I don't have that many visits. But a couple months ago I had alot of breathing problems while running, they did a Pulmonary Function Test on me and concluded it was Asthma and on the doctors notes, after reviewing test results and his impression on me he called it "Severe". I have been to the emergency room twice in the last couple of months gotten a steroid shot in my rump once and put on a nebulizer the other time, it's also noted in my medical files that I have to use my albuterol 3 times week due to asthmatic attacks. My question is, I have my appointment at the little VA center where I am at on May 22, for a BDD (Benefits Delivery at Discharge) meeting with a counselor. Does someone have some experience with doing claims for asthma? From what I read on the VA schedule rating website there is 10%, 30%, 60%, and 100% for just asthma. Recently it was also added I have Allergic Rhinitis. Just trying to have a compass to go by so if I get rated too low I know what I need to do. Other things that aren't associated with asthma but I will be claiming is a Radioactive accident in which I was exposed to include a full report, but not a high enough exposure dose, Dermatitis in my feet, and as noted by the Doctor "Chronic Mid-Back Pain" which I had an X-Ray that showed abnormalities and an MRI that really didn't show anything and nothing else was done. If someone could give me some ratings information, it would definintely be appreciated. I know that all figures are ball park but just wondering what I was looking at as I have no idea what I am doing with this. ***I sincerely apologize for the multiple post, I hit the enter button to move down a paragraph and it said something about flooding, my apologies*** Regards, Soldier
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