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  1. The way I filed the effective letter date change was by reopening my 2014 PTSD/MST claim instead of filing for a NOD or reconsideration yesterday. I stated that the first C&P done by an outside examiner was traumatic and was a clear and unmistakable error by the examiner based on the second examiners opinion who is a examiner within the VA. I will se how it goes.....I have not used a VSO yet and have done it on my own since Day 1. The only thing is that it was rated in that time where many MST exams were denied. We will see what comes out of this, but from what I am seeing it doesn't look good. I was already screwed once for back pay from the VA by them making my wait time really long then making me take another C&P and then they said my conditions had "worsened" from my first c&p and only back paid me a few months which was BS. It look like the same thing will happen this time.
  2. I denied anything in my childhood because there wasn't anything other than the fact the my parents were strict. I did tell him only about my military service, but his line of questioning was accusatory. Also, the C&P I just had a few months ago and awarded the 70% was not even for MST it was for my TBI that was only rated 10%. The VA examiner made it about my MST since I am assuming he saw my mental health records. He then submitted another C&P along with my TBI.
  3. I filed a claim for PTSD back in 2014 and then had my C&P. At the C&P the outside VA examiner asked multiple questions and focused on my upbringing (which was good) and my Father almost insinuating that my MST really is from my Father. When I left there I was completed traumatized because of the line of questioning and that he didn't even ask about my military time and shortly after I was denied. At the same time I had already been diagnosed by my VA Mental health Dr and through a MST coordinator. I got the denial shortly after and because I was so upset just did nothing since I didn't want to go through it again. I still went to the VA for treatment and then 2017 I requested an increase for my TBI. They scheduled a C&P and I went and the VA this time and within 4 weeks I was went from 10% TBI to 70% for TBI/PTSD making my overall rating 100%. A few days ago, I received my narrative and I immediately requested my original claim of PTSD reopened requesting an effective date change to my original claim that was denied . My question is that because I did nothing from 2014-2017 will they deny or is there anything I can do to have my effective date changed since the first C&P went so wrong.
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