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  1. what is the White House hotline? does it work? any tips for using it?
  2. I totally understand. I have all of the above yet can’t get past M. It looks like the rater is trying to follow the example in the VA manual but just stop there without really looking at my case. I’m not sure how to get my case to a rater that knows how to rate. I’ve been researching SMC for years now but I keep hitting hitting as brick wall in raters that don’t understand how to rate a multiple condition case like MS. I was so very happy to see the rating decision posted on this site with R2. It was so great to see a proper analysis. I need that but don’t know the path. I have filed for years know but to no avail.
  3. What is pyramiding? Is there a person who understands the SMC and how to file so that the VA representatives know how to properly assign the correct SMC level? It seems arbitrary, almost like the VA rep was just cut and pasting from the manual because they didn’t really understand MS and the long list of conditions that follow.
  4. Amazing job. I’ve been trying for many years, without success. How did you do it? Where can I go to get help? I have Multiple Slerosis 16 years and I’m only at SMC (m).
  5. I just found this forum. I have been searching for help with SMC. I’m so impressed with what I’ve seen here. I was about to go to a lawyer but I’m hoping I can get help here, instead.
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