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  1. Thanks, Berta. I understand why private messages are too much. I got got my decision letter resent to me and here is the evidence that was used in their decision. do you see anything that could make them not use the November 2013 effective date? notice but April 2015 I added more information (from online portal). I finally got a police report from an incident so I uploaded it. Could this have hurt me as it wasn’t a fully developed claim if I then added something? My claim for PTSD was denied. i got 100% from anxiety and depression they acknowledge the letters of the earlier effective date. . Notice they recognize the nov 2013 informal claim document and the letter they sent in January 2014 notifying me I had within 1 year from the Jan 16 2014 date.
  2. Berta, thank you. is there a way I can private message you my documents so you can look at them? Of course I will take our my name and ssn ect, I just don’t want to post my claim publically.
  3. After looking into this the last few days I don’t see how my cfile matters. i have everything already that pertains to my effective date. either they ignored my informal claim or the dr didn’t consider me disabled until the day I made my claim. I’ve read 30 links, my paperwork 50 times, had others look at it, verified with the va that they had my informal date received letter in the system. has this ever happened before? Where the va just completely ignores the informal claim date and uses the fully developed claim date as the effective date? everything I read is far more complicated than my issue. My issue is they just flat out ignored my informal date. This is not common?
  4. Thank you, Berta.. i will I’ll follow these instructions to get my C File history... https://www.hadit.com/requesting-your-va-c-file/ unless ash there is a quicker way to get it that you can suggest.
  5. And to be honest, I’m so grateful for what I have, I don’t desire fighting anything. Of course, $40,000 would help me tremendously-but I have a warm place to sleep and food in my belly, and medical care/meds from the va. I just want to know if it was a simple mistake. If they made a decision based on something, I will be at peace with that. I have no clue where to find that out.
  6. Not sure what “VARO” is, but I’m guessing it’s the date when the VA made their decision on my claim... that date is 25 Jun 2016, and I received back pay back to January that year (when I submitted my finalized claim. its well beyond a year so from what I’ve read cue would be my only option, correct? would cue jeopardize my 100% status? Would they revisit my entire disability claim, not just the effective date? Thank you.. interesting... how do I find out why the va made their decision? I was homeless, got hit by a truck as a pedestrian and ended up in the hospital for several weeks, all well before I filed my claim, I’ve also been seeing the va mental health clinic for years before that as well. It’s hard to imagine they would think I wasn’t disabled until I filed my claim... but maybe for some reason that was their conclusion. All my paperwork seemed to be in order and very clear about my effective date so I do tend to think there was something wrong that I don’t know about.
  7. CURRENT STATUS: 100% P/T CLAIM SUBMITTED: 14 JAN 2015 INFORMAL CLAIM SUBMITTED: 26 NOV 2013 INFORMAL CLAIM RECIEVED LETTER DATED: 16 JAN 2014 PROOF of INCORRECT EFFECTIVE DATE IN CLAIM SUBMITTED 14 JAN 2015 1. 21-526EZ LINE 5 - Have you ever filed a claim with the VA? Yes box checked "Informal Claim" handwritten in box 2. 21-526EZ LINE 9 Handwritten inside box: NOTE: Attached is copy of DUA letter dated Jan. 16, 2014 stating I had to submit this formal claim "within one year from the date of this letter" January 16, 2014. I am of the opinion that this submittal meets the requirement to use date of informal claim as the effective date of claim for this submittal. 3. 362/LM - INFORMAL CLAIM RECIEVED LETTER Dated 16 JAN 2014 Title of Letter: "IMPORTANT -- reply needed within 1 year" Relevant Text of letter: a. 'We received your request for VA benefits on November 27, 2013. We consider this request as an informal claim for benefits.' b. "If your completed application is received within one year from the date of this letter, and we decide that you are entitled to VA benefits, we may be able to pay you from the date we received your informal claim." 4. VA FORM 21-4138 STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF CLAIM Dated: 26 NOV 2013 "INFORMAL CLAIM FOR THE FDC PROGRAM I attend to apply for compensation benefits under the FDC Program. This statement is to preserve my effective date for entitlement to benefits. I am in the process of assembling my claim package for submission" PROBLEM: On 17 APRIL, 2014 I was at the mental clinic at the VA. I was homeless at the time so they sent me to a social worker. The social worker I believe had me fill out a form for an emergency pension. I'm not sure what I filled out exactly-not a very clear time of my life. In my paperwork I have, I see I received another informal claim letter reflective this date of 17 APRIL 2014. QUESTIONS: 1. Could opening a CUE appeal impact my current 100% P/T status? If there is any chance of this I do not want to submit a CUE at all. I just want my effective date reviewed, nothing else. Is that possible or does the whole claim get reviewed? 2. Is there someone I can contact at the VA to see why they decided on the effective date I have right now? Maybe I'm missing something and I didn't follow the rules correctly. Maybe whatever I did on 17 APRIL 2014 impacted my effective date/but even then, wouldn't my effective date be 17 APRIL 2014? 3. In your opinion, do I have a case for CUE? 4. How long does the CUE process take in your best guess? Please include any other advice or information, links that might help me. Side note: It goes without saying, but I would like to say it anyway; thank you so much for making this forum a resource for not only myself, but for all veterans. You guys are truly helping; THANK YOU.
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