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  1. So am I, thanks for the response. I guess my only concern is losing the 100%, that gave me ability to retire.
  2. Yes, I got a check in Jan 2018 for back pay retro April 2017 when I first applied. I called unsure if I should keep it, and they said the check is mine, not to worry, however I will be re-evaluated Jan 2019. I work part-time (4 days a week) doing financing at a car dealership, only because i'm sick of staying at home.
  3. Have a question: Am 70 years old, served in Navy 66-70, was in SAR (search and rescue) helicopter squadron from 68-69, did 3 3-4 month tours in Nam . Got triple-bypass in October of last year, and VA awarded me temporary 100 disability in Feburary of this year. The awards letter states that I will be re-evaluated Jan of 2019. Anyone have any experience with this, meaning at my age could they lower it. I was told by a few doctors that there is no cure for coronary artery disease, and chances of lowering the 100% is slim.
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