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  1. am trying to prepare a 1151 claim for my father in 2011 he underwent a C3 to C5 laminectomy with C3 to C6 fusion for cervical stenosis starting in 2013 we notice he was slightly forwardly bent over, and difficulty walking as well as difficulty standing up right. 2015 he was diagnosis with KYPHOSIS and walks with the aid of a rolling walker limited mobility he sign an informed consent. and the VA is not at fault. and the conditions stated are mention in the consent form, today he is severely forwardly bent over, difficulty standing up right, with limited mobility walking with aid of a rolling walker. how can I argue a winning chance . the service connected option was my father was a telephone installer / repairer in the army 1952 to 1954 he had fell twice on his back from climbing poles. from a height lesser then 6 feet in the military. however his records whwre burn in the 1973 fire. and his dd 214 has him listed as a heavy truck driver which route should I take
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