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  1. I don't think there is a recoup in payments. It says this rating reduction will take place in August 2018. I'm going to assume that is because the 2016 case was closed (?) Ok so the c-file is different than the stuff I can download off ebenefits?
  2. Ok so we recieved the letter from the va. It says that they reviewed all of the evidence that I sent in in 2016 (statement from myself, his therapist that he sees 2x month, and his psychologist- they stated his ptsd remains severe). I thought this proposal was done and over with considering ebenefits said that claim was closed after I sent in those statements. So the new letter says that after reviewing ALL of this evidence the decision is final. I'm just in shock. His symptoms have not gotten any better and his progress reports show that. So my question is can I file an NOD? And if so will he be reduced in the meanwhile? I don't have a VSO bc the guy locally told me we should be happy with what we got because my husband is young, and that was when the original c&p gave him 30% for an adjustment disorder. My husband is a combat veteran with a CAB.
  3. Thanks, I know that he meets the criteria for 70 at the least. I have been reading this forum and I just wish that I knew before his appt that I could have gone with him or even to have given him notes on things that he doesn't even realize he's doing, he forgets things so easily. He downplays some things that I think would be relevant like he said he has no violent outbursts but he recently had a road rage incident where his father was with him and since the other person backed down (which is usually what happens) he doesn't consider it a violent outburst because it wasn't physical. His father went home and was telling his mom how crazy it was, it literally scared him.
  4. Thank you all so much. I downloaded his mental health notes from his therapist and we do have a local psychologist that he has used before andis familiar with ptsd so I am going to see if he'd be willing to complete the dbq. I will be calling him tomorrow. In his c&p the doctor noted that my husband had passing thoughts of self harm but denies active suicidal ideation. And he quoted my husband as saying his age (40) is catching up with him. But didn't put that it was in regards to his nightmares and the way he wakes up. I just don't know how long I should wait to receive the letter or should I call them since the effective date shows 8/1/2018 maybe they're not mailing it out until June 1?
  5. I'm sorry this is so long. I just wanted to give all info: My entire situation is my husbands ptsd back in 2016 he recieved a proposal to reduce on his ptsd from 70 to 50. I asked for a hearing and sent in a bunch of evidence with it including a letter from his va therapist. The case was closed within 1-2 months and he remained at 70. He is 100 overall but going from 70-50ptsd takes him down to 90. Fast forward to April 2018 he receives a phone call from a hearing judge saying we missed his hearing can he do it right now over the phone (we NEVER got the letter I open everything from the VA immediately). He tells the judge he thought the case was closed (which in ebennies it was) but goes on to answer the questions. About a week afterward he gets a call from the local VA saying he has an appt scheduled for May 1st (10 days from the date of call) for a c&p for PTSD but they had an opening that afternoon if he wanted to come in then, he declined and they kept the appt for May 1st. Again we didn't get a letter from the VA for the c&p yet so I call the va benefits coordinator at our local va and he says the letters are showing in the system. After calling him I finally receive the c&p appt letter on APRIL 30TH and for the first time ever there is no post mark date on the outside of the envelope. Ok no problem he knew about the appt from the phone call. So he goes to the appt comes home and says he was with the examiner for 10-15 minutes. He said I just don't feel good about it he only asked me a few questions and kept asking "anything else?" Part of my husband's issue is memory loss. He doesn't know what they're looking for if they're not asking specific questions. So anyway I tell him it's ok they don't go just based on the c&p they look at your therapy notes too (he's been in therapy at the VA for 3 years basically 2x a month). Well now on the 15th I go into ebennies and there is no open claims or open appeals or any notification letter sent but when I go to disabilities it's showing 90% overall and 50 ptsd date 8/1/2018. So I go look at the c&p and the examiner states this is not a mistake this is progression. I would be fine with that if it were true. However his therapist (that he sees twice a month) says his progress is poor. So my questions are: How do they give more weight to a single exam than 3+ years of therapy? I was under the impression that they weigh all factors? I don't know if I should call them bc I haven't received the letter yet or wait another week? but I don't know how long ago they made this decision, I just happened to see it on the 15th and now we're at the 21st and haven't gotten anything. I just don't want it to cut into my 30 days to appeal. And should I appeal or is there something else I can do? Thanks for any help
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