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  1. I'm not in contact with a witness, but I could most likely get a buddy letter from my PL, indicating that I approached him about the issue. The only witness is the gunner, who did the kicking. I'm not thinking he would incriminate himself by agreeing to write a statement, and I'm not going to ask. He is still in my current unit. I have a current diagnosis, and have since 3 months after the training event. I'm not sure about getting the nexus. The onset of mental health isn't often black and white. I would argue that the majority of my stress was due to stuff at home, I believe dealing with being battered was a factor in my current mental health. Do I pursue obtaining a IMO to support a nexus?
  2. Hadit community, I've found many of the information provided by individuals here very helpful. I feel optimistic about future claims for chronic sinusitis, which has had a significant impact on my daily life. In regards to other possible claims, I curious to hear the opinion of some of you seasoned veterans that have been through the claims process. My concern is in regards to a potential depression claim. First, i'll add that I'm a reservist, which may be more difficult to prove connection. I currently don't have any "documented" event, but I feel that an event that happened contributed, in part, to my depression. I was at training and I was in a toxic vehicle, with poor leadership. I had a crew member who, during gunnery, kicked me in the head repeatedly. Nothing was documented, but I did approach my PL about the issue and he noted that if I felt that it was harassing behavior, and I desired to do something, he would act. I soldiered on, and the physical contact didn't continue. I'll note that at the time, my significant other had a legitimate fear that her ex-husband was going to kill her. I feel that this was the major source of stress, which put me on edge. I was formally diagnosed with depression three months later and have struggled with it for four years. My question is, do you hadit'ers feel that I should pursue a claim? Thanks!
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