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  1. Thanks for all your input!!! Although according to the GAF scale I should get 50-70% disability, I'm hoping to get at a min of 20%. I have 6 other service connected disability, but MDD is my biggest one. Others are: Impulse control disorder Bi-latteral knee condition w/numbness Bi-latteral heel condition (My SECOND major issue - all those years physically and literaly standing watch on top of steel submarine decks. I can't even stand more than 30-45 w/o heels, knees and leg aching) Bi-latteral hearing loss Bi-latteral excessive ear wax condition BI-latteral tinnitus I'm hoping with all these 7 service connected disabilities, it would add up to at least 50-60%. I'd be happy with that.
  2. According to the GAF, I self diagnosed myself 31-40 or 41-50 in the rating scale. That doesn't really mean that's the percentage per say.
  3. I found the ratings charts for a whole lot of disabilities with thier specific rating. But depression does not have a percentage rating. Anyone have any idea what the depression rating is? Thanks!
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